Ooooh--a Mystery Tea Party?
How exciting! 

But watch out--this is no ordinary tea party!

It's a SECRET!


The Red Queen's Tarts have been stolen and Dormouse has been taken into custody!

If we do not prove his innocence and figure out who stole the tarts, The Red Queen will have him BEHEADED!!


Please hurry! We need you!


What's next? Well, that's as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Use this handy button to let us know you're coming (and to pick your character!!)

Step Two: Check your email about 48 hours prior to your party date for important information about your character. 

Can't find it? Be sure that "info@katharsismedia.org" has been added to your contacts and search your spam folder! 

Still no luck? Send an email to: info@katharsismedia.org so we can get you what you need! 

Step Three: 

On the day of the party, get dressed up and be ready to testify on 04/16/2022 at 9am MST!

at Katharsis Studio: 7911 Mountain Rd NE Suite F

Looking for a fun challenge?

Make a costume for your character using only the following items: 

tissue paper

duct tape

pipe cleaners

There WILL be prizes for the best dressed (duh!) 

You're not scared just because there's a THIEF afoot, are you?? 

I didn't think so. You're too brave for that.

Or perhaps you ARE the thief and you're just trying to cover your tracks???

I guess we'll find out, because you've been officially invited to a Mystery Tea Party!!

Mark your calendars!

Date: 04/16/2022

Time: 9:00am MST

Location: Katharsis Studio

7911 Mountain Rd NE Suite F, ABQ NM 87110

This party is the perfect way to mingle with friends--and make new ones while on the hunt for a THIEF (or attempting to frame someone else). Of course there will also be an intrusive detective leading the whole investigation to make sure things run smoothly. 

"Gather" with your friends new and old to figure out who is telling the truth... 

..and who is lying. 

Each guest has their own character to portray, their own secret, possible motive?

Innocent detail they forgot to mention? By the end of the night, you'll be DESPERATE to find out--or be eaten by the Jabberwocky!! 

Of COURSE there will be tea and crumpets--and other delectable goodies!

Each ticket includes one entry into the party, one character card with everything you need to STAR at the party--topped off of course with delightful costume ideas, and DEADLY (or perhaps not so deadly) secrets. Are you the thief? An accomplice? Or just an innocent guest with a dirty secret?  Not excited about the getting dressed up and playing a character bit? That's ok--you can opt out of being a suspect and just be a juror instead. Of course, you'll still get to vote on who dunnit!

Need a ticket? Get it here: 

Wondering what the mystery is about?

Here's a clue:

It's been 100 years since Alice slayed the Jabberwocky.

All seemed right in Wonderland. Alice returned to the land beyond the Looking Glass. Hatta and Hare continued their tradition of afternoon tea with Dormouse and Cheshire Cat... 

...for about a week before the Red Queen used dark magic to revive the Beast--and to trap Alice on the other side of the Looking Glass. 

Each year, on the anniversary of the Beast's revival, the citizens of Wonderland are forced to give 1 MILLION Tarts as a peace offering to the Jabberwocky. In return, he promises not to destroy them all. This has gone on for 99 years. 

However, last week, on the eve of the centaur anniversary, the tarts went MISSING!! And now, the citizens of Wonderland need YOUR help to figure out WHO DUNNIT and solve

The Case of the Missing Tarts

Loved this and want to host your own? 

From creative mystery parties like this one to paint parties and all the things in between, whether in person or online, Katharsis Media has you covered for all of your gathering and fundraising needs!

Check out all of our creative gatherings!

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