Introducing: The Actors' Club

For Working Actors


More than a class.

Production focused.

Individually tailored.

Training for working actors.


Adults: Mondays @6:00-7:30pm

Teens: Tuesdays @5:30-7:30pm

**New students accepted until May 16**


The Actors' Club is a different approach to typical training for actors. Rather than topical based and leveled according to ability, these clubs are for working actors who are serious about their careers, and need a steady time to set aside for training.


The club focuses on actual scenes to be included in current projects, (currently working on the new TV series, "The Green Room"--you can read more about the series down below). Students in the club will be guaranteed a small speaking role in the series. They may also audition for larger / principle roles if interested. Larger roles require a larger time commitment. Training will focus on working the scenes until they are ready to be filmed, honing specific skills that the actors need growth in, and intentional study of various techniques from "The 5 Greats"--Chubbuck, Adler, Hagen, Meisner, & Stanislavski. These "theory classes" will be the third week of every month so that we can be intentional about digging into new techniques, but also focus a majority of our time working on scenes and application of the techniques. Club meetings are ongoing and we ask that students begin with a 2 month commitment so that we do not have "drop ins". We will accept new students every 2 months. *Currently accepting students through May 16, 2021*

The Actor's Club meets weekly at Katharsis Studio East: 
7911 Mountain Rd NE, Suite F, Albuquerque NM 87110
Mondays 6-7:30pm 

Here are a few things to note: 

1. This is a WORKING ACTORS group. That means that it is intended for actors who are serious about pursuing acting as a career, not as a hobby. We have moved from a leveled class model (beginning, intermediate, advanced) to a membership model. Here's why: 

  • As working actors, we need regular, ongoing, consistent training. That is easier accomplished if we just have a set date and time each week where we always know training is ongoing. 

  • Levels are subjective and ineffective--some of you are advanced in one area (dialect, for example) but novices at others (perhaps demonstrating a particular emotion), so leveling really just separates us and creates more classes for no reason. 

  • This allows us to work with actors of different abilities, which hones our skills and allows us to produce better quality productions. 


2. Training will occur on a rotating schedule: 

  • 1st week of the month: Rehearsal for scenes

  • 2nd week of the month: Filming scenes--DO NOT MISS--scenes will be filmed at full production quality and (hopefully) edited together to produce a short film either for festival submission or for distribution. 

  • 3rd week of the month: Acting theory & technique--tools or techniques from one of the 5 "greats"--Stanislavski, Meisner, Adler, Hagen, & Chubbuck. These will then be layered into what we already know and worked into how we approach our acting. **New scripts given out** 

  • 4th week of the month: working with new scripts

  • 5th week of the month (if applicable): Specialized training / masterclass 

Note that our goal during class is to work on an actual project, not just mock audition tapes or scenes for a reel. We will be using original scripts for short films written specifically for the actors in each section.

3. Students also have access to private sessions during the week for coaching, help with self-tapes, auditions, working on resumes, etc.

4. TUITION helps to cover the cost of the production and is an unfortunate necessity. Tuition for all students starts with the Monday class at $60/month. Tuition for major roles is $150/month. This INCLUDES the Monday tuition fees. We are asking everyone that wants to be a part of this production to help us cover the cost by paying tuition. 


5. FUNDRAISING: To supplement these costs, we will also set up an IndieGoGo campaign and host fundraisers, but for these to be an option, we need students to help with organizing these things. We have some fundraisers already in the works, and you will be able to help with fundraisers to cover your tuition if you prefer.



6. WORK STUDY: We also have some work study options available, so if you would like to help out around the studio or working crew for other projects (or this one if you have a smaller role), then we can work out options to help cover your tuition. Please do not allow cost to hinder you if you want to participate. We are committed to helping every student that wants to be a part of this to participate. So, audition for a major role if you want one and then we will all work together to figure out the rest.

One thing you can ALWAYS expect from Candice: 

"I expect your BEST. Please prepare. I can only coach from what you bring me. If you do not bring me your BEST, then I cannot make you BETTER. If you want to truly grow, you must begin by doing the work that you are able to do without me, and then I will help you cross the threshold into growth." 

Dreams take work. LET'S GET STARTED!!!


Series synopsis: 

A group of angsty misfits--the odd children of film industry folks--form an on-set club to pass the time while their parents work long hours in production. The discovery of an old video camera that summons film industry experts--current and historical--to divulge the secrets of filmmaking sets them off on wacky quests. Sometimes the secrets “magically” appear in their parents’ productions. Other times, they are seen on national television or for film festival competitions. The group members bond over the joys, stresses--and dramas--of film industry life as they realize that perhaps they “fit” somewhere afterall.

All students in The Actor's Clubs will be guaranteed a speaking role. Some of these will be small speaking roles, and some will be larger roles. Auditions for placement and large roles will take place May 25, with possible callbacks by appointment during the remainder of that week. 


Casting will be based on the performance during the audition and the needs of the production. 

NOTE: names/gender/ethnicity are tentative and subject to change.



NOTE: names/gender/ethnicity are tentative and subject to change.


Mateo (16): African American. Transgender male. The child of the famous director. Enjoys all the luxuries of film life and aims to be a broadway star. Lives his life loud and proud. Has some conflict with people who “hide in closets”. 

Jacklyn (15): Russian. Female. The child of a famous international actress. Doesn’t want anyone to know who she is, so she uses a stage name at school. Athlete--soccer player. Pretends to have no interest in film life yet somehow manages to get involved in the club’s adventures. Is secretly terrified that she will never live up to the accomplishments of her mother. 

Joey (15): Homeschooled child of the DP. A bit socially awkward. His mother is loud and domineering and he is quiet and meek. He wants to be more confident. Romantic interest in Jaclyn. 

Derrick (16): Best friend of the director’s kid. Worked as background (that’s how they met). Basically adopted by the family. Comes from a low income family. 

Erik (16):  Male. Hispanic. Child of the costumer--fashion obsessed, a bit snobby but keen eye for design. He is flamboyant and snarky, and with a secret he doesn’t want anyone to know. Befriends Esther pretty early on. 

Chad (17): Child of the sound designer-- a bit narcissistic. He is sick of moving around and REALLY upset about having to leave his old school with just one year before graduation. He mopes around the studio and basically hates everyone and occasionally plots their demise.

Esther (17): Child of the Costumer Designer: More mature than the other kids, Esther has a lot of wisdom. Some of that comes from a hard past that she doesn't often talk about. She is often a beacon of hope and the go-to for advice around the studio. She is loyal and a good friend and often plays the mediator in intense situations. 


NOTE: names/gender/ethnicity are tentative and subject to change.

Bert. 30s-40s. Male. The Studio Security Guard. He sometimes gets mixed up in the kids' shenanigans. Has a weird obsession with "rare" stamps and knows entirely too much about history. 

Rhonda (40s) Female.  The Director Humble. Honest. A good director who wants the best for the show and often feels like they are juggling too many hats. Makes time for the cast and crew to talk about their concerns, etc, but also a bit terrifying when on set. 

Jeff (40s). Male. The Producer--Is always worrying about funding and is always in a hurry or seemingly very busy. Single and desperately trying to "match" on some dating app. Occasionally goes on weird dates or brings dates back to the studio to "impress" them. 

Natalia (22-25). Female. Russian. The Russian Actress--a bit of a drama queen who sometimes forgets that she is not actually a spy in real life.  She's also fairly clumsy and pretentious. 

Jessica (22-25) Female. The stunt double of the Russian actress. Has actual training in martial arts and is often frustrated with Natalia. 

Elisha: The Director of Photography (45-50)--loud and domineering; conservative and a bit pushy about her beliefs. 

Merrick (20s). Sound guy

Mason (20s or 30s). Camera Operator

Main cast members will need to commit to Monday evenings AND should also anticipate 6-8 hours per week in addition to Monday evenings. The production schedule will be built once casting is complete and we will try to work with everyone's schedule. The 6-8 hours will likely be either two 3-4 hour evening sessions or 1 6-8 hour session on a weekend, and will not necessarily be the consistent every week. To make sure we can accommodate many schedules and the complications of working with working actors, we will likely schedule the upcoming month and then ask for conflicts for the next month, etc. This way we can be flexible but also understand that every week we will need 6-8 hours of production in addition to Monday evenings. We will also allow time at the read through for people to communicate about ride sharing etc.

Much of our filming outside of Mondays will be at Studio 519 downtown. The third Monday of every month we will be in production either at Studio 519 or on location. The other Mondays will be at the Katharsis Studio East (Mountain & Pennsylvania) location. 

Note that as this production is a long term commitment, it is intended to work with working adults and students in school during the day, so it will be filmed outside of traditional work/school hours. We will have a scheduling meeting after the read through on June 5th. Small roles will not need to be present for the read through, as we will read through their scenes during class on Monday, June 7th. 

NOTE: This is a television series currently written for 3 seasons. It will be an ongoing commitment for series regulars. For those who need a smaller commitment, day player roles will wrap every 2 months. We ask everyone to make at least a 2 month commitment. Season 1 will wrap December 2021. Those auditioning for major roles should plan to commit to this series through December 2021. Season 2 & 3 will be based on the success of Season 1 and may have a shift in casting / roles available.


Since this project will screen publicly on Comcast 27, it is eligible for IMDb credit. All speaking roles will receive IMDb credit. In addition, anyone who contributes over $1000 will be given associate producer credit. We are looking for associate producers, producers, and executive producers for this project to help cover the costs of production. 

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