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Hold your spot today for a deposit of $30 per child. Deposits are non-refundable, but count toward the cost of registration. Registration will officially open June 1st and classes are limited to 12 students per grade cohort.

Open studio registration for club members or siblings only. 

Those who attend session 1 will have advance registration for the next session (and future sessions), to ensure their spot. Once registrations are full, a waiting list will be available.




Session 1:                                                          Session 2: 

Aug. 19-Oct. 11                                                  Oct. 21 - Dec. 20

Session 3:                                                          Session 4: 

Jan. 21-Mar. 14                                                  Mar. 24 - May 16

If one of the session dates is a non-school day, the session is adjusted to accommodate this (so if you're taking a Monday class, and there's a holiday on a Monday, the schedule will be adjusted for that class so you still have 8 sessions). These dates will be finalized after AKCS determines whether they will use Schedule B or Schedule C. 

Before and between sessions, there will be open studio days available at our drop in rates.

Open studio dates*:  July 29 - Aug 16; Oct. 14-18; May 19-June 3

*open studio dates subject to change based on AKCS calendar. 

What do they DO during open studio time?


Glad you asked! Katharsis Media is a fully operational television studio and co-op for content creators. Kids can make podcasts, short films, write scripts, edit footage, create stop motion, play with animation, record audio stories, or even tape their audition. 


If none of that is to their fancy, we also have a variety of board games, books, and art supplies they can play with. The New Mexico Education Channel (our channel) will also be playing airing in the background some of our favorite educational programs (like SciKids and KidsFirst--a local kids entertainment news show) as well as programs made by kids at our studio! 

During Spring and Winter Breaks, we will have film camps.

Please check back for registration.

Can't wait for the fall?

Join us this Summer!!

Summer camps begin June 3rd

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