ABQ Mural Individual Pieces

Belen Romero


Xavier Visage


Growing up trekking back and forth between East Coast and the Southwest, Christian produces his work from the viewpoint of 35,000 feet. Balancing these experiences, he creates a colorfully exuberant mix of imagery from both worlds. His stylized motifs and palette have become a signature sustained throughout his body of work. 

His preferred method of design stems from a dynamic trio of recycled paint, Shiva Oil paint sticks, and custom-sized canvases with inlayed frames specifically reinforced for each individual piece. Throughout his paintings, Christian presents new ideas, inspiration, and messages for his audience. Whether creating a sixteen-foot canvas or an intimate 12x12 miniature, Christian’s work invites you to travel with him peering down from above with a bird’s eye view of his world.

Christian Michael Gallegos


I'm originally from western NY and art has helped me deal with the dreariness of the long winters.  Having been a hobby-potter for 20 years, I've taken part in many workshops and shows and was honored to have one of my teapots displayed at the Flint Museum Of Fine Art.  We retired in 2019 and headed immediately to Albuquerque.  The draw of family and the beautiful weather and landscape was impossible to resist!  Thanks to the landscape and opportunities, my hobby has turned into a second act career and the beautiful weather has allowed me to focus on alternative firing techniques and experimentation.  As for the mountains, They captivate me.  They inspire me.  They feed my soul and give me strength.

Jane Seen


Shannon Sweet


Pi Luna currently works as a full-time professional artist but her journey didn’t start there. From an early age she always knew she wanted to be an artist. In her teenage years she attended classes at the Minnesota River School of Fine Arts where she studied classical realism. 

After graduating from high school she moved to Santa Fe, NM. That’s when her life split in two. For one half she was a math tutor at the Santa Fe Community College--a job that eventually led to a teaching position. For the other half she attended online art school and received a BA from Prescott College and then an MFA from Goddard College. Her life was two complete opposites: math and art.

After graduating from art school, Pi found she didn’t know much about business or how to make a living at art. Due to financial reasons, she took on longer hours as a math teacher. There wasn’t enough time or energy left to make art. She sank into a deep depression and needed to find a way to have creativity in her life.

She started experimenting with ways to bring art into her math class and teach in new ways. This eventually led her to make booklets for her students that had art and creative projects to teach math concepts. Then she was asked to co-author a textbook for a business math class. This book went on to win the best family and parenting book in the 2016 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards. The book led her to go into entrepreneurship where she began teaching financial literacy to artists. She taught classes with WESST, Meow Wolf, South Valley Economic Development Center, Creative Startups and many other organizations. 

This evolved into a full-scale coaching practice where she not only helped creatives with finance but also with marketing, graphic design, web design, publishing, budgeting, strategic planning and many more services. Whatever her clients needed, she would learn by reading books and taking online classes. Then she would implement what she learned.

In 2020 she decided to apply everything she had learned about business to her own art practice. She became a full-time artist. What she found was that the practical tools she used in her coaching practice were helpful but not enough. The cultural beliefs around creativity and money were difficult to break through. That’s when her artwork and storytelling became about breaking apart limited belief systems to create new perspectives. Her goal is to inspire and empower people to live a life of passion, purpose, and authenticity.

Pi Luna


David Todd


Ramona Vigil


Lisa Slavick


In 2016, I traveled here and discovered this beautiful and magical place, truly the “Land of Enchantment”. I like to think of Georgia O’Keefe traveling the same path and painting her vivid landscapes. It has been an inspiration to me, as well, to drink in the beauty of the sunset, the enormity of the cloud-filled sky, the missions and adobe structures and, as a painter, this has become the new inspiration to me in my artwork.

I have also loved becoming a part of the vibrant film community that continues to grow here in New Mexico! I look forward to working in front of the camera and behind the scenes in set design and decoration. My work can be seen at the Amapola Gallery in Old Town, Albuquerque and on my website: www.cynthiamulvaney.webs.com

Cynthia Mulvaney


I am a clinical social worker who began using pens and paper a few years ago as a way to reset and process the trauma and suffering I bear witness to and absorb at work. My illustrations are usually a mixture of words and images that explore mental health, connection, self-love, and social justice. I am learning to pour sorrow and anger, despair and confusion into something redemptive and hopeful. Trying to make the world feel a little less lonely one doodle at a time.

Honor Heindl


Alexandrea Gowan


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