The Mural Project

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Savannah Hoover

View this piece and the entire ABQ Mural at Katharsis Studios, 7911 Mountain Road NE, Suite F.


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By honoring Route 66 which cuts across the entirety of the collaborative Mural Project, my piece had a natural divide through the center which allowed for two works of art: one to honor our lands and one to honor our skies.
New Mexico lands deceive those who don't give themselves permission to get a little lost out there. The safe passerby may only see brown and a little green when, in reality, New Mexico contains a thousand different colors that can change with the hour of the day. Each mountain casts its own shadow, each river catches its own light.
New Mexico skies are no secret, and they are the focus of the Willa Cather quote featured. Every day is a gift beneath these skies no matter what they choose to share with us.

About The Mural Project:

Katharsis Media brought together a diverse group of artists who collaborated to create a “Puzzle Piece Mural” symbolic of the idea that though each piece is unique and different, they work together to give meaning and life to the whole. All pieces are of equal value and significance. 48 artists worked together to craft through words, poems, and a variety of visual art mediums, a mural using the motto “release the creative”. 

The mural is comprised of 48 unique puzzle pieces. Artists were selected to ensure that the mural represents a diverse population representative of the rich and diverse heritage of Albuquerque. 13 of the artists are high school students, representing each of the city’s 13 public high schools. 4 elementary student artists worked with The Mural Project Lead artist, Michelle Korte, to create one of the pieces as a team. The other 31 artists are professional artists from across the city. 

Artists worked together to envision the final product and determine how the overall mural would represent the diversity of our city while still allowing each individual puzzle piece to be unique and tell its own story. The mural was unveiled at the ABQ Artwalk on July 9, 2021 and displayed in the KRESS building storefront from through August 2021. The project is currently on display as individual pieces inside of Katharsis Studios, located at 7911 Mountain Road NE, suite F. 


Pieces are being sold as individual works of art to raise scholarship funds for visual and performing arts classes.

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Photo credit: Tino Duvick  Construction by: Max Wagner

Project organizer: Candice Neu  Lead artist: Michelle Korte

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