Our Artists

Katharsis Media is honored and humbled to be able to work with such incredible artists. All of the artists that we work with are entrepreneurs and working professionals. This allows us to bring the very best talent into our classrooms, workshops, and productions. We are not a staff, but rather a co-op and a fellowship. Below are just a handful of the artists we work with on a regular basis. In addition to these, we also bring in artists from all over the world to work on our various projects. From Broadway cast members and Hollywood technicians to Australian composers--you never know who you might find around The Studio at Katharsis.  

Candice Neu
Acting Coach / Director
Alissa Hall
Choreographer / Director
Deidre Michelle
Choreographer / Talent Agent
Xavier Visage
Vocal Coach / Music Director
Colin Burdge
Vocal Coach
Jonathan Ragsdale
Jenni Hipolito
Vocal Coach
Aaron Howe
Vocal Coach
Lara Dale
Foley Artist
Ron Weisberg
Acting Coach
Bradd Howard
Acting Coach
Jake Allen Sheets
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