GATHER to create art. 

The thing we are lacking in society today? Quality time. Yep. ​

We spend hours a day "on mute" and after that Zoom meeting or class? We sign off and remain in Quarantine.

We celebrate birthdays and special occasions via drive through parades. 

I like a good parade as much as the next, but it seems so void of human interaction. 

Let's do something different. 

Let's GATHER. 

Online, in person, or a hybrid of both. 

How it works:

Katharsis GATHERings are the easiest party you didn't host. 

That's right--you don't have to host. YOU get to play. Or--you get to relax while the kids / spouse / relative / friend plays. 

We do all the work. Here's a quick overview:

1. BOOK.

Book a party using our handy booking tool.

Parties can be pretty much any day or time, but we DO ask you to book 7 days in advance so we can get things ready on our end. 

Private ONLINE parties are $125 for up to 8 participants and $10 per guest after that.

In person parties are $125 for up to 6 participants and $15 per guest after that, and include supplies.

Don't know how many you'll have? That's totally okay! Book your party now and you can add people until the day before.


Within 1-2 business days, you will receive a custom digital invitation for your event along with a link to your personal party page.

This is where your party goers will go to RSVP and get a list of materials needed for the art we will create. Prefer an easier method? Participants can also purchase a materials box with everything needed for your party. As long as they RSVP in time, we will ship it OR if  they are local, they can pick it up at our studio. Don't stress too much about this--most of our projects use common and inexpensive materials to make it affordable! In Person parties include supplies in the cost since we already have these at our studio. 


That's right--grab your supplies and let's party! When the party begins, our artists will facilitate the whole thing from start to finish. That includes setting up your space, instruction on how to use the materials, instructions on making the art, and of course time to share your creations at the end. The event finishes with some time to socialize or sing Happy Birthday and this is a time when other relatives, etc can "ZOOM" in to say hello if they like. Of course, after that, everyone signs off and you've had a successful GATHERing and now you also have a MASTERPIECE to wear, share, or display! 

In Person Parties:

GATHER in person in a COVID-Safe environment.  

This is an IN PERSON parties are for private bookings ONLY.

Parties are limited to only those you invite and no more than 12 participants.

Tables are set at least 6 feet apart and no more than 4 participants per table so you can group them by household.

Masks are required by all participants and staff. Temperatures and a COVID Symptoms survey will be taken prior to entry. Anyone displaying symptoms or with a temperature above 100 degrees will not be admitted. All surfaces, supplies, and frequently touched items are sanitized between parties to ensure a COVID safe environment.

We also ask that for minors, the parent or guardian of the host child remain on site (at no cost), but additional parents are not required to remain with their child. If the parent or guardian of the host child wants to participate, materials may be purchased in the studio.

Hybrid Parties: 

That's right--the best of both worlds. Your party is hosted at our studio for a small group of in-person guests (see above for COVID-safe procedures).  Then you invite additional participants virtually, over ZOOM. We will project the Zoom guests onto the big screen and a device connected to ZOOM will be positioned so they can see the party and also at the instructor's booth so they can fully participate. Virtual participants are $10 per person and do not include supplies. Materials may be purchased on our website or acquired separately. There is no limit to the number of VIRTUAL participants. And, of course, they can be anywhere in the world or even in quarantine. 

ALSO: All parties that have at least 1 virtual participant can also invite as many people to join over Zoom for the last 30 minutes to sing happy birthday, socialize, and to show off your awesome art! 


Oh, and for funzies, we will even compile the best moments into a highlights video as a keepsake if you like!

You don't have to decide right away--we will have them available for purchase after the party if you decide you want one.