Industry Training for Adults

We approach training a bit differently at Katharsis Media. That's because we are not just a training facility, but rather a working studio. Not only does this mean that we have a unique perspective on what is needed in the field, but we also have opportunities for hands-on training that a traditional school would not have.  We offer both skills classes and production internships and believe the most successful professionals will have both. 

A different approach to training for the working actor. 

It's time to ditch the overdone and largely underproductive "scene work" approach to acting. Instead, we provide training tailored specifically to the needs of the actors in each "club". We call it this because every group is different based on the actors within the group. The third week of each month is focused specifically on acting technique from one of the "5 Greats"--Hagan, Chubbuck, Adler, Meisner, & Stanislavski. The other weeks are spent coaching through audition preps & current projects or on a specific area of growth identified for that group (example: demonstrating grief through physicality). Club members also have access to weekly office hours with acting coach and director, Candice Neu, for individual coaching, audition/project prep, and taping sessions. If we find that none of our actors are actively working on something, then we provide a solution--an original short film project that is festival quality and screened either on Comcast local 27 or Amazon Prime, or both.

Dreams take work. Let's get started.


Professional Year Program

For all of our technicians, we are excited to bring hands on training through our professional year program. 

Episodic Track--Tuesday / Thursday 8am-5pm 

Feature Film Track--Mondays/Wednesdays 8am-5pm

Our professional year programs are for both actors and crew as they work to produce an original television series or feature film for Comcast local 27.  Day 1 will be spent in the classroom and rehearsal space and Day 2 spent in production. Tuition covers the cost of the production and classes, and awards each student associate producer credit on IMDb in addition to their assigned cast or crew role. Each track will study the specific nuances related to either episodic or feature film production. 

Professional Year students also have access to all classes taught at Katharsis Studios and are invited to participate in KM productions. 

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