Artist Co-Op

Welcome home.

Our Artist Co-Op was created to help artists build a sustainable way of life. So often, we find ourselves taking on multiple jobs and creating art in our spare time. This often leaves us feeling unsatisfied and our art does not get the focus it deserves. 

The Katharsis Artist Co-Op strives to provide: 

  • space for rehearsals and events

  • a living wage for all artists with Katharsis Contracts

  • resources and support

  • opportunities to grow as an artist and entrepreneur 

  • a community of fellow artists and friends

Our studio is open for you. Come sip on a hot beverage and dream big dreams with us! The Artist Co-Op meets over waffles the Third Saturday of every month at10am. Come join us!


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Mesa Del Norte Heights; Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States