2020 Community Act Off!
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Overview & Official Rules


Overview: A Reality Show Mini-series (5 episodes)


New Mexico community theaters and nonprofit performance groups form teams of up to 3 artists (up to 8 organizations) and compete  in various theatrical challenges live over ZOOM to be named the 2020 Katharsis Media Community Act Off! Champion and recipient of a $1000 donation. 


Team members: Each artist will compete at least twice over the 5 weeks (1 artist per team per challenge) and a $75 stipend will be given to each team per event. This allows the team to strategically “divide and conquer” or to allow a single individual to represent the team for the round. Decisions about how the players will participate must be determined before the round begins. 


Adjudicators: receive a $75 stipend per event. In addition to the 3 regular adjudicators, we will also invite a guest judge for each round that has expertise in the focus area (a vocal director for a vocal challenge, etc). 


Organizations: The team with the highest points at the end of the 5 rounds will be declared winner and will receive a plaque and $1000 donation to the organization.  In addition, tickets sold at each event will be split between Katharsis Media and the organization that acquires the most points during that round (not cumulative). 


Organizations must:

  • have a current 501(c)(3) nonprofit status

  • operate in the state of New Mexico

  • have a primary focus on the performing arts

  • sign a materials release form for use of organization name and logo

  • submit a completed W-9

Team members must:

  • be at least 18 years of age OR have written permission from parent/legal guardian

  • be legally able to work in the state of New Mexico

  • hold primary residence in the state of New Mexico

  • sign a personal release

  • submit a completed W-9

The Rules

Each team must be sponsored by a nonprofit performing arts organization. Teams may be 1-3 players and players must be declared when they submit. Team members may not be "substituted out" after 11:59pm on May 27th. 


Players may not compete on more than 1 team and may not “switch teams”. 


Minors may compete with the permission of their parent / legal guardian. 


Players may talk about and talk up the organization they represent and wear organization merchandise or discuss fundraisers or events for the organization they represent. 


Players may NOT speak negatively about the other organizations in the competition. 


Players should also avoid wearing logos or apparel that represents outside organizations or brands. 


Players should be respectful at all times and avoid language or discussion of content that is not appropriate for an audience of all ages. 


Players and organizations must fill out media releases and W-9s. Forms are due at registration. 


Rounds will be performed live in front of a ticketed "Zoom" audience; rounds will also be recorded and edited and MAY be released via Amazon Prime once post production is complete. 


The Competition: 

May 22 @ 7-8:30pm MST: Mandatory Team Zoom Meeting. NOTE: Teams registering late will have another meeting TBD.

There will be 5 competitive rounds: May 29, June 5, 12, 19, and 26 from 7-8:30pm MST. 

NOTE: If changes are made that allow theaters to open and these dates become a conflict, we will change the dates as best as possible to accommodate those conflicts! 


Competitive Rounds will include a variety of skills challenges related to musical theatre. 

Some will be improvised, some will have materials available in advance for actors to prepare. 


There will be 5 votes given in each round:


  • 1 vote from each of 3 regular judges

  • 1 from a guest adjudicator

  • 1 vote will be comprised of the average score from the audience

Voting will be done via google form during the live event and will be available for ticketed guests and assigned adjudicators only.

Ticket holders must have a valid email address in order to vote. Upon purchase, ticket holders will be able to declare additional guests that they purchased tickets for so that those persons may also vote (using a valid email address).

The team with the most points at the end of the 5 weeks wins. Round winners will be determined at each live event for a 50% share of ticket sales from that event donated to the organization. 

Registration is open from May 9, 2020 through May 25 at 11:59pm. 

Limited to 8 organizations. If more than 8 organizations apply, priority will be given to Albuquerque organizations first and then random selection for organizations outside of Albuquerque. As this is made possible by the Urban Enhancement Trust Fund, our funding must prioritize Albuquerque Artists and Organizations. 

Register your team!

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