To gather. To commune. To fellowship. 

Whether in celebration or in support of a cause or for no reason at all--it is in our human nature to come together, to gather. 

During times like this, it is even more important to find ways to maintain existing connections and opportunities to create new ones. 


We think that best happens surrounded by ART. So we've designed these creative ways to gather! 

Options available for 100% online, 100% in person, or hybrid gatherings.

And each one with unique ways to create art and commune with friends, new and old! 

Each of these can be hosted as a private party, a party open to the public (ages 18+), or as a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization.

To get started, choose what type of gathering you want to have. 

Ways to gather:

Already invited to a party? Find your party and get your tickets here: 

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