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it's where we MAKE things. film. art.

Katharsis Media & the City of Albuquerque are excited to offer two different spaces for filmmakers and artists to use. 

Our spaces can be used for filming, gathering, auditioning, teaching, or other collaborations. 


Katharsis Studios*

7911 Mountain Rd NE

  • 2 studios

  • podcast room

  • voiceover / sound recording room 

  • self tape room

  • editing bay

  • 3 additional small flex spaces

  • breakroom & child friendly space (childcare not provided)

Free to use for NMED 96 shows / affordable rates for community​

*Opening October 1st!


Studio 519

519 Central Ave SW

  • 2 studios

  • podcast room

  • editing bay

All productions must be aired on one of the PEG Channels

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