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Your donations make a difference!

Why Aren't You Using a Crowd Funding Platform?

We try to keep our overhead costs as low as possible so that we can serve as many students as possible.  Because of this, we are trying not to use some of the crowd funding companies as much as possible, because they take a percentage of the donation (sometimes as much as 20%!). Instead, we are using PayPal for donations. We will also use crowdfunding platforms when necessary or when we need to get our projects in front of a group we wouldn't have access to otherwise. For example, Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that gets projects in front of people who want to help create film projects.  However, for people that know and love us, it's better to use PayPal so we receive as much of that donation as possible. 

Where does my donation go?

Wherever YOU want it to. Really--we use donations however you specify. Now there are some restrictions on that, of course, but if you say you want your donation going towards dance lessons, then we use that towards dance lessons. If you say you want it to go towards Contestant #10's vocal lessons from BBL, then that is what it goes towards. If all of the expenses for what you specify are already covered, then we will let you know and ask what you would like to fund instead.  If there are any restrictions on what you've asked for, we will let you know.  In general, we don't allow donors to specify creation of projects, programs, or content for our next TV show, but if you have a great idea that you want to pitch and it is in line with our vision and mission, we may consider it. You can submit proposals to:

We also hire students as interns to do most of the non-teaching things that need to get done, so your donations also support youth as they learn marketing, business, finance, editing, camera operation, and all sorts of theatre and stage design. 

How Much Should I Give?

Every $25 donation gives an average of 1 hour of performing arts training to a student who would not be able to afford it otherwise.  So, if you want to fund a weekly vocal lesson for a student, or dance lessons twice a week, you can budget what that might look like. We hire the finest instructors that we can find from within the theatre and film community and we pay the artists directly. Our artists are paid between $12-$36 per hour depending on level of education and experience. This means that you are also supporting  local artists, not companies, when you donate. We also only use your donations for what you specified (unless you don't specify anything). 

How do I know how you spent my donation?

Honestly, this is the fun part--we tell you. Straight up on your receipt it will tell you how we decided to use your donation.  We will not release names of students (unless you specified a student for your donation), but we will tell you how many students, how many hours, the craft, and program. For example, we had a person give a $250 donation and that funded 10 hours of vocal lessons for 10 of our BBL Contestants. This was listed on her receipt.  Now she is able to go to the BBL Events and see how her donation is helping these students to be successful and grow. That's pretty cool. 


You can also specify who you want your donation to go towards, the craft, or the program, or you can leave it open to whoever needs it.  For example, you could say that you want your donation to be used towards the Alice King Drama Club Program and we will make sure we use it towards that and tell you what we did with it on the receipt. 

What if I don't know where my donation should go? 

You can totally give a donation without a specific program, student, or craft, and we will use it however we need it and let you know what we did with it. 


We also will post on this page passion projects that need specific support--there might be a student who cannot afford a program and is in need of a scholarship or there might be a program that needs financing and you can choose those! 

Have more questions? Contact us!

Projects that currently need funding: