a party for the socially distant

"Gather" with your friends and family this holiday season for a party like no other:                               

a murder mystery across the wide expanse of the socially distant.      


That's right--this murder is brought right into your home through your computer or mobile device. 


You can party 3 different ways:

1. Host a private event for just your friends and family (minimum of 6) 

2. Join a public event to meet new people 

3. Host your own room--invite your friends and then open the party to the public to meet new ones too! 


Each ticket holder receives a unique character to play--one of which has a secret to hide! In all the rooms, a party moderator helps ensure the game runs smoothly so you are free to eat--and drink--all you like. 


Grab your favorite meal and a beverage to pair, heck--dress in costume if you like--YES, awards WILL be given to the best dressed. Develop a new accent or let your alter ego shine...tonight ANYTHING goes, and NO ONE is to be trusted.  

So, let's get started--how do YOU want to party? 

Join an open room
Host a public room
Host a private party
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