Host an Open Room--excellent choice!

Of COURSE it was. 

You wouldn't second guess yourself just because there's a MURDERER afoot, would you?? 

I didn't think so. You're too brave for that.

Or perhaps you ARE the murderer and you're just trying to cover your tracks???

I guess we'll find out. 


Hosting a party is GREAT. First, you get to pick the first 6 people who are in your room. And then, of course, you get to invite that secret crush or just the general public--to FIND your secret crush or your new bestie--since you possibly MURDERED your other one.... 

ALSO, because you are hosting a party for us--what a nice thing to do!! 

We want to return the favor by donating $2 of every ticket sale to a nonprofit organization that you choose! Yes, that includes the initial 6 tickets that are included in your registration. That's right--you get to make the rules AND you get to donate to a charity that you love. Don't have one? Fun fact--Katharsis Media IS a charity! Every dollar we receive helps us support local artists and give scholarships to kids for training in the arts!! So, if you don't have a favorite charity, that's ok--Katharsis can be yours. If you do, however, we are super excited to donate to their cause on your behalf!! 

Here are the details: 

You pick a date and time that you want to hold your party. We will assign you a Party Moderator (or you can pick from the list). You pay $125 which gets your party scheduled, your Party Moderator booked, and you get 6 tickets to give to your favorite 5 people (and 1 for yourself, silly!). THEN we post your public party on the website so that the general public can join! 

You can also share your party link so that people you know can sign up!

Why would you want to host an open party for people you don't even know? 

Here are 3 reasons: 

1. So you can meet new people! I mean, in this lockdown, how else is that gonna happen???

Not by swiping left, that's for sure. 

2. So YOU can set the rules! We know--you like to be in charge. But really, it's nice to set the rules because you can set the tone for what kind of people you're looking to meet. It's not a dating app by any stretch (as if the world needed more of those). But it's nice to say "hey--this room is for all the ladies out there with kids in preschool. We can sip vodka and talk about the toddler years" or "this room is for dudes who like football--go Cowboys!" Or yes, even the "This room is for singles in their 20's and 30's (or heck--60's & 70's)". Of course the simple one could be "this room is for fans of "NONPROFIT NAME" or for members of "Club name" or even for "Fans of StarTrek--yes, Trekkies, we know, it's not fandom, its STANdom--calm down.  

It's anything goes, really, as long as there are no hate messages! Party requests with questionable messages will be asked to revise language before the party will be approved. We also reserve the right to not hold your party for concerns of this nature. 

3. Because then your party goes to support something GREAT!! What better way to host a party than to have it also support a local nonprofit?? We will even add an optional "donate" button so participants can add a donation above the $2 to their ticket. 

Are you a local nonprofit organization that wants to host a party?

Contact us at and we will set up your party without the initial cost. Parties must have at least 6 participants to hold, so if it doesn't have at least 6 by 8 hours prior to the party, we will cancel it and refund any tickets that have been purchased. SO, it costs ZERO dollars to sign up. You must demonstrate that you are able to make decisions for the nonprofit you would like to register.  

Ready to get started?? Click here: 

NOTE: party goers must be 18+ to participate in open rooms. If you want to host a party for your girl scout troupe or youth group, that's fine, but it has to be a private party and it must be hosted by an adult and have parent permission for minors to participate.  If you want to find out more about hosting a private party, click here: 

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