Welcome to Heathcliff Manor. 

to get started, play this video: (make sure the sound is on!)

So, now you know--you were invited to this swanky dinner party but there's been a murder!

And now YOU are a suspect!

What next? Keep reading to find out. 

Playing the Game: 


Step One: (this should be done ASAP!!)

You should have received an email instructing you to fill out a character survey. This should take about 2 minutes. If you haven't done that yet, click here to complete: NOTE: if you don't get the chance to complete this prior to 48 hours before your scheduled party--that's ok! We will assign characters and you can check the suspect list below to see who you play.  

Step Two: (do this 1-2 days before the scheduled party)

Check your email for your character name and TOP SECRET information--remember, don't share or the party won't be any fun!! If you have not received an email with your character information, click on the CHAT box in the lower right hand corner of this screen and someone can help you. You can also send an email to: info@katharsismedia.org and someone will get back to you asap. If there aren't any names next to the suspects, it's because we haven't finished the suspect list yet--check back! This list will be finalized at least 48 hours prior to your party.  NOTE: your party only needs 6 people to be successful, so if characters are left blank, that's totally ok! Also, it's possible not all of your party guests have finished their character survey yet! 

Suspect List:

Blanche Batters:                                               

The Butler:                                     

Cinders:    Seriah Mejia      

Dee Minor:                                     

Doctor Fumbles:    Corban Mejia                   

Em Fatale:    Elle Mendelson    

Ford Escort:    Bradd Howard        

General Custard:                                               

Inspector Denaux:    Isaiah Welker                      

Misty Visions:    Alissa Hall                   

Mrs. Withering:                                             

Professor Peacock:    Ana Lemus-Paiz                   

Reverend Will Beedone:                                                            

Sierra Tango:    Lenora Neu                

Annette Hititova:                                               

Buck Shott:                                     

Ginger Schnapps:                                                

Lady Gardiner:                                           

Lord Gardiner:                                           

Ned Sadler:                                      

Step Three: (on the day of the party)

Get dressed up and make sure you have your character guide handy! (you should have received this via email). At the party start time, click the button below to open the ZOOM room for your party!! Pro-tip: it will be easier to play the game if you are playing from a computer, rather than from a cell phone or tablet. This way, you can see all of the other guests and you can have access to your Character Guide, which you will need during the game! Once you're in the room, your party moderator will take it from there! 

Your party details:

Your party is scheduled for

Date:  11/29/2020

Time: 4:00pm MST

Host: Candice N.

Party Moderator: Candice N.

Click on the button below to enter your party! 

Who knew solving a murder would be so easy? 

That's really all you need for now--your party moderator will guide you through the rest! 

Thanks for playing--that was so much fun!!

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