An Interactive Mystery

by Candice Neu

It's been 100 years since Alice slayed the Jabberwocky.

All seemed right in Wonderland. Alice returned to the land beyond the Looking Glass. Hatta and Hare continued their tradition of afternoon tea with Dormouse and Cheshire Cat... 

...for about a week before the Red Queen used dark magic to revive the Beast--and to trap Alice on the other side of the Looking Glass. 

Each year, on the anniversary of the Beast's revival, the citizens of Wonderland are forced to give 1 MILLION Tarts as a peace offering to the Jabberwocky. In return, he promises not to destroy them all. This has gone on for 99 years. 

However, on the eve of the centaur anniversary, the tarts went MISSING!! And now, the citizens of Wonderland need YOUR help!! 

How it works:

Katharsis GATHERings are the easiest party you didn't host. 

That's right--you don't have to host. YOU get to play. Or--you get to relax while the kids / spouse / relative / friend plays. 

We do all the work. Here's a quick overview:

1. BOOK.

Book a party using our handy booking tool. Parties can be pretty much any day or time, but we DO ask you to book 7 days in advance so we can get things ready on our end. Private parties are $125 for up to 8 participants and $10 per guest after that. 

Don't know how many you'll have? That's totally okay! Book your party for 8 and you can add people until the day before.

NOTE: THIS party does require a minimum of 6 participants for the game to work.

Have a smaller group? Consider one of our other GATHERings. 


Within 1-2 business days, you will receive a custom digital invitation for your event along with a link to your personal party page. This is where your party goers will go to RSVP and choose their characters!  Have someone who is kinda shy and won't want to play a character? That's okay--they can still participate as jurors, which means they won't have any concerns about lines or costuming. They still get to vote on who dunnit and enjoy the party! So invite them too! Once they've RSVPed, we will send each of them an email with their character (if they chose one) and some TOP SECRET information to help them play the game (as well as the game play instructions and the ZOOM link if it's hosted online or the Studio location if it's in person). 


That's right--there is no prep work--I mean, you CAN get dressed up in costume if you want, but you don't have to! When the party begins, our artists will facilitate the whole thing from start to finish. 

Wondering what to expect? Here's a quick overview of how the game works. 

Mystery parties are played in 3 separate rounds. Each round begins with the revelation of a clue, followed by a character testimony, and then a time for questioning the suspects (or solving a puzzle). The round finishes with the chance to accuse one of your friends. There are 3 rounds. At the end of the 3rd round, everyone votes for who they think did it and then the criminal is revealed! The event finishes with some time to socialize or sing Happy Birthday and this is a time when other relatives, etc can "ZOOM" in to say hello if they like. Of course, after that, everyone signs off and there is NO CLEAN UP for you!! 


Oh, and for funzies, we will even compile the best moments into a highlights video as a keepsake if you like!

You don't have to decide right away--we will have them available for purchase after the party if you decide you want one.