Our Mission

Katharsis Media is a non-profit organization that strives: 


  • To educate, entertain, and inspire the community through the performing arts, with a special emphasis on theatre, dance, and film. 

  • To provide a living wage for performing artists who teach, create, direct, and produce.

  • To foster and develop, through workshops and other appropriate means, the artistic talents and skills of company members and other interested persons.

  • To reward and recognize artists in the community through awards, prizes, and scholarships.

Katharsis Media accomplishes its mission through production of film and theatrical projects, internships, classes, camps, workshops and scholarships.


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Our Stance on Diversity Equity Inclusion and Access:


Katharsis Media embraces and celebrates diversity, and strives to build a community of equity, inclusion, and access. We believe that creativity and the arts flourishes best in an environment that is rich in a diverse body of artists. 


Katharsis Media Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access Definitions

Because these terms can be used and understood differently, Katharsis Media has intentionally described how we approach the work that we do in each of these areas as: 



At Katharsis Media, we respect and appreciate differences in gender, gender identity, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, family composition, education, learning styles, race, religion, and other dimensions. 



We believe in the power of equity by ensuring each student and artist has what they need to be successful and to create art. We strive to meet each student and artist within the context of their own individual circumstances. This poses an important distinction between equity and equality. Equity means that each person gets what he, she, they need, not that each person gets the same thing. The aim is that all students and artists are able to achieve the same outcomes, though the process may be different depending on individual circumstances. 



As artists, we have often been considered misfits in our lives. At Katharsis Media, we are intentional in creating a space of refuge and inclusion for all persons. This intentionality strengthens and encourages our work and is fundamental to our mission. 



The center of our mission is about access. It is about removing barriers and creating bridges to the performing arts. For some, barriers exist because of schedule constraints; for others it is a financial burden; still for others it is childcare or other concerns. We strive to create programs that reduce these barriers for our community. We do this through scholarships, tuition waivers, creative scheduling and intentional problem solving. 

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