Ooooh--a Fundraiser for the Black Cat?--excellent choice!

Of COURSE it was. 

You wouldn't deny your favorite nonprofit life-giving funds just because there's a THIEF afoot, would you?? 

I didn't think so. You're too brave for that.

Or perhaps you ARE the thief and you're just trying to cover your tracks???

I guess we'll find out, because you've been officially invited to a Mystery Party!!


Worried about COVID? Don't be--this party is hosted ONLINE!! 

Mark your calendars!

Date: 12/30/2020

Time: 7:00pm MST

Location: On Zoom

(link emailed following registration)

This party is the perfect way to mingle with old friends--and make new ones while on the hunt for a THIEF (or attempting to frame someone else). Of course there will also be an intrusive detective leading the whole investigation, of course.


"Gather" with your friends new and old to figure out who is telling the truth... 

..and who is lying. 

Each guest has their own character to portray, their own secret, possible motive?

Innocent detail they forgot to mention? By the end of the night, you'll be DESPERATE to find out--or be eaten by the Jabberwocky!! 

Lay out your favorite foods, pour your favorite drink and prepare to be entertained as you spend quality time--apart--with your loved ones. This party is hosted on Zoom and will give you plenty to talk about as you enjoy your time together solving a crime...

...or perhaps committing one. 

Each ticket includes one device entry into the Zoom room, one character card with everything you need to STAR at the party--topped off of course with delightful costume ideas, and DEADLY (or perhaps not so deadly) secrets. Are you the thief? An accomplice? Or just an innocent guest with a dirty secret?  Not excited about the getting dressed up and playing a character bit? That's ok--you can opt out of being a suspect and just be a juror instead. Of course, you'll still get to vote on who dunnit!

Wondering what the mystery is about? Here's a clue:

It's been 100 years since Alice slayed the Jabberwocky.

All seemed right in Wonderland. Alice returned to the land beyond the Looking Glass. Hatta and Hare continued their tradition of afternoon tea with Dormouse and Cheshire Cat... 

...for about a week before the Red Queen used dark magic to revive the Beast--and to trap Alice on the other side of the Looking Glass. 

Each year, on the anniversary of the Beast's revival, the citizens of Wonderland are forced to give 1 MILLION Tarts as a peace offering to the Jabberwocky. In return, he promises not to destroy them all. This has gone on for 99 years. 

However, last week, on the eve of the centaur anniversary, the tarts went MISSING!! And now, the citizens of Wonderland need YOUR help!! 

This party is a public parted hosted by Sidewinder's Bar & Grill to benefit the Black Cat LGBTQIA+ Community Center. 

Participants must be 18 or older to participate. Our moderators reserve the right to request

ID before allowing entrance into the Zoom room.   

In all the rooms, a party moderator helps ensure the game runs smoothly so you are free to play.

Grab your favorite meal and a beverage to pair, heck--dress in costume if you like--YES, awards WILL be given to the best dressed and PRIZES awarded to anyone who figures out WHO DUNNIT!!  Develop a new accent or let your alter ego shine...tonight ANYTHING goes, and NO ONE is to be trusted.

How the fundraiser works:

Yep. That's right. You come play with us and then we send The Black Cat a check for a portion of every paid registration for this party. 

Nonprofit organizations receive a portion of each paid registration based on the tier system below. Proceeds are given for all tickets, not just the tickets in the tier. For example, if an organization had 7 paid registrations in their party, that organization would be in Tier 1. Therefore, they would receive $2 per paid registration, or $14 total. If that organization had 9 paid registrations, however, that would put them in Tier 2, so they would receive $3 per paid registration (for all 9 tickets), so they would receive 9x3=$27. So basically, the more paid registrations an organization receives, the larger the portion per ticket is raised, up to $5 per paid registration.  

  • Tier 1: 6-8 paid registrations: $2 per ticket

  • Tier 2: 9-12 paid registrations: $3 per ticket

  • Tier 3: 13-16 paid registrations: $4 per ticket

  • Tier 4: 17+ paid registrations: $5 per ticket

Some important details: 

Your event needs at least 6 participants to hold.

If your event doesn't have at least 6 people by 8 hours before the party starts, we will cancel your party since it won't be any fun.

The guests will be refunded for their tickets automatically. 

Events can have up to 100 people, but will be grouped into sections of up to 20.  

The game is most fun in groups of 10-20, so we will group participants into separate rooms within the party if it goes over 20 people. That might sound really complicated, but it really just means you get to have a bigger party with more people...but without needing the extra time to hear all those extra people talking! Plus, you can mingle in the "lobby" and breakout rooms to meet all the people and not jus the ones in your own room. Parties cannot exceed 100 participants. However, if there are more than 100 registrations, we will schedule an additional party to happen at the same time. 

Ready to get your tickets?? Click here: 

Katharsis TEA Party

Katharsis TEA Party


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