Host a Fundraiser--excellent choice!


Of COURSE it was. 

You wouldn't deny your favorite nonprofit life-giving funds just because there's a MURDERER afoot, would you?? 

I didn't think so. You're too brave for that.

Or perhaps you ARE the murderer and you're just trying to cover your tracks???

I guess we'll find out. 


How to host a fundraiser for a nonprofit

It's so easy: 

1. Check with your nonprofit to make sure they don't mind receiving extra funds for doing absolutely no work and at absolutely no cost to them. We will need a W9, proof of their 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, and a png of their logo (preferably with a transparent background). You can gather that stuff later as well, so it's ok if you don't have it when you book. 

2. Pick a date and time for your fundraiser & decide who will host.

The host does NOT have to be a board member or even an official anything--a simple volunteer is perfect--this is just the person who is going to fill out this form and who we will contact if we have any questions. Also, the board does not have to attend the party, and honestly, neither does your host (we aren't sure why you wouldn't WANT to attend, but you don't have to). 

3. Decide whether you want your fundraiser to be public or private. 

The big question about this is really about who is playing. If you will have families playing that have minors, it needs to be private. If you will have just adults playing, having a public party gives you a better chance to sell more tickets. A note about minors--yes, you can involve minors in your private parties as long as they have parent permission. HOWEVER, the game is about murder and also requires some reading and listening skills, so we suggest kids be at least 14 to participate. Younger kids will probably just be bored. 

4. Set some rules (or don't). 

Since you're hosting a party, you also get to set the rules. These are like themes-- "hey--this room is for all the ladies out there with kids in preschool" or "this room is for dudes who like football--go Cowboys!" Of course the simple one could be "this room is for patrons of NAME OF NONPROFIT" and that's totally fine as well. 

NOTE: Katharsis Media cannot support organizations that represent hate groups (sorry, not sorry, KKK--go away) and event requests with questionable messages will be asked to revise language before the event will be approved. We also reserve the right to not hold your event for concerns of this nature. 

5. Get the word out. 

We will post your party on our website and handle all of the registrations and everything else, but it's up to you to spread the word about your fundraising event. Don't worry--we will send you an email and social media template along with cool graphics to make the job easy.


Come out and join the party! This is the one time you get to enjoy the event you set up--our Party Moderator will do all the work, so you just sit back, relax and enjoy it! 

7. We cut you a check. 

Yep. That's it. You come play with us and then we send you a check for a portion of every paid registration for your party. 

Nonprofit organizations receive a portion of each paid registration based on what the tier system below. Proceeds are given for all tickets, not just the tickets in the tier. For example, if an organization had 7 paid registrations in their party, that organization would be in Tier 1. Therefore, they would receive $2 per paid registration, or $14 total. If that organization had 9 paid registrations, however, that would put them in Tier 2, so they would receive $3 per paid registration (for all 9 tickets), so they would receive 9x3=$27. So basically, the more paid registrations an organization receives, the larger the portion per ticket is raised, up to $5 per paid registration.  

  • Tier 1: 6-8 paid registrations: $2 per ticket

  • Tier 2: 9-12 paid registrations: $3 per ticket

  • Tier 3: 13-16 paid registrations: $4 per ticket

  • Tier 4: 17+ paid registrations: $5 per ticket

PLUS--it only costs absolutely nothing to set up,

you raise some $$ and we do all the work, so why not?? 

Some important details: 

Your event needs at least 6 participants to hold.

If your event doesn't have at least 6 people by 8 hours before the party starts, we will cancel your party since it won't be any fun.

The guests will be refunded for their tickets automatically. 

Events can have up to 100 people, but will be grouped into sections of up to 20.  

The game is most fun in groups of 10-20, so we will group participants into separate rooms within the party if it goes over 20 people. That might sound really complicated, but it really just means you get to have a bigger party with more people...but without needing the extra time to hear all those extra people talking! Plus, you can mingle in the "lobby" to meet all the people and not jus the ones in your own room. Oh, and of course, it's YOUR party, so if you want to group participants a certain way, that's totally fine. Just let us know. (Some private parties have their teenagers in one group and the adults in another). Parties cannot exceed 100 participants. However, you can always just schedule another party. 

Public parties are for those age 18+ 

No exceptions. Party Moderators reserve the right to ask for ID upon entering the room as well. This is just to keep the kids on planet earth safe. If you want to have a party that allows for youth, no worries--just grab a parent and host a private party instead. 

Ready to get started?? Click here: 

NOTE: party goers must be 18+ to participate in open rooms. If you want to host a party for your girl scout troupe or youth group, that's fine, but it has to be a private party and it must be hosted by an adult and have parent permission for minors to participate.  If you want to find out more about hosting a private party, click here: 

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