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Plus--Katharsis Media is a 501(c)(3), so your donation is tax deductible! 
Donations to the show go to fund all the important things: 

  • crew wages

  • equipment

  • bringing in special guests

  • guest accommodations if necessary

  • excursions for the show

  • costs of training apprentices--did you know that we always have at least 1 apprentice training on every production we do at Katharsis Media??? It's part of our mission--to provide access to quality and affordable training for New Mexicans. Let's elevate local talent together!!!

You can make a one-time donation or become part of our producing team by making a monthly commitment. Donor benefits range from shout outs in our program, ad space, VIP tickets, shout outs on camera, time on camera, the opportunity to be a guest, to go on an excursion, and even IMDb credit! Learn about the many tiers of sponsorship by clicking on the one time or monthly donation buttons below. 

In addition to monetary donations, we are also looking for products and services to try out on our show, items to raffle, for door prizes and game prizes, travel accommodations, admissions to cool places to check out, experiences, restaurants, and adventures to talk about check out and promote!!  Basically, any service you offer or product you have can be used in some way on our show! Let's work together to get your brand out there and make this show as wacky and engaging as possible! 

For those that prefer to go shopping, we have also compiled an Amazon Wish List of all the awesome equipment and things we could use around the studio! Check out the list and always check back as we add new items!!  

Shows are expensive. So are businesses. Let's partner. 

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that BASICALLY makes you famous, you know?

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