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Main Stage Productions

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Every season, Katharsis Media is proud to bring shows, new and old, to our stage. These major productions provide training and experience for actors of all ages and ticket sales help support our scholarship programs.

Nontraditional scheduling

While most productions rehearse in the evening hours during the week, we try to make our shows more accessible by offering a variety of scheduling options. We will produce shows that rehearse in the evening, as well as shows that rehearse during daytime hours or alternate days, which allow college students, home school students, and families to participate and still be home in time for dinner (and homework). Every show will post the rehearsal schedule when audition dates are announced.

Straight plays & musicals

We love theatre of all sorts, so we produce a variety of both straight plays and musicals so that actors of all abilities and passions can participate.

New & Old

One of our favorite things to do is to bring new works to the stage. That means that we are actively seeking submissions from artists who want a place to produce their show! This allows us the unique opportunity to support artists around the globe. Of course, we couldn't let go of our love for shows that have a track record, so we produce a healthy amount of both.

Check back often for audition dates & upcoming productions!

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