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Discipline and Happiness Through the Eyes of an Artist

The purest form of self-love–mastery, is discipline. I am not speaking of discipline with negative self-treatment and self-talk. I speak of the honesty to be true to yourself and honor what your body, mind, and spirit need to be successful in this or any industry.

It is important to realize that without discipline, an individual could allow themselves to fall behind on something that they truly care about. Discipline is the form of self-love that allows you to choose hard work instead of immediate gratification, and it is seldom easy. When we take time to develop and implement our boundaries and regimens and stick to them, something beautiful happens.

The beautiful thing is you blossom, and you begin to live with a sense of purpose and unimaginable drive. You see the apples that are on the top of the tree are the tastiest and the hardest to achieve, but when you do the work and achieve them, well, that makes all of it worthwhile. The work in itself is a blessing, the opportunities that present themselves to you are a blessing, no matter how small it may seem in the moment.

Prioritizing listening carefully to the gut and having the courage to follow that path–no matter how hard, this is the way to achieve greatness. When you prioritize your time and manage it effectively into your goals, personal, professional, and otherwise, you most definitely will see exponential growth in those aspects of your life. These are the reasons discipline is the purest form of self-love. When you allow discipline to become as paramount and essential–part of your life as breathing, here your creativity has a platform to build upon.

Isaiah Romero-Cordova is a professional model, working actor–musician, and contestant finalist for Broadway Bound Live Season 2. He can be located on IMBd-isaiahromerocordova, instagram @the_isaiahromerocordova_, and TikTok @the_isaiaromerocordova.

Isaiah Romero-Cordova

Broadway Bound Live

12th May 2023

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