Dreams Take Work

As we final settle into the new year, I thought about the countless things I have done and yet to do so far. Specifically, the routines I wanted to incorporate to make myself better. I for one will say that so far life has gotten the better of me and on some occasions there have been more than acceptable excuses/exemptions. On the times when it hasn’t, I’ll take the responsibility of dropping the ball. Never the less, my time is exactly that, my time. As well as my dream/vision being my responsibility as well. So, to at least get out of the current cycle of promoting neglecting both my time and vision I decided to start a self-imposed 30-day challenge. A challenge geared towards my vision of being better at writing poetry.

So to start off, I think I should give some background on why poetry instead of my various other ambitions. Well for one I always hated the English language in general. Now I know that may sound counter intuitive but ironically its not. Growing up I had a strong disdain for reading, writing and all things literature. Let’s be honest out of all languages in the world, none are as unique when it comes to loopholes as the English language.

With that being said it’s safe to say I struggled with it, a lot. During my early childhood I would literally have migraines and headaches trying to make sense out of it. My grades in English were barely passable and in classes that required a lot reading I did poorly. It got to point were my mom finally decided to put me in after school programs to specifically “cure” me. Ironically, I did do well in my foreign language courses. It wasn’t until middle school around 7th grade that I found a personal break through. I remember listening to music as I usual did but this time I paid extra attention to the lyrics. I didn’t quite understand one of the words, so I decided to pull up the lyrics online. For some reason reading it made the most since to me. The way the metaphors were used in the rhyme schemes and the story telling just made since. It dawn on me to try my hand at it poetry.

From that point onwards I wrote, on and off over the years. It became a way for me to get the better of something that usually got the better of me. An outlet of to show myself that I had the ability to command the English language. It worked, my confidence grew as well and my curiosity in how many ways I could express myself through the language I had for grew as well. By the time I got into high school I showed great progress in my literature ability. My grades improved and I got the chance to demonstrate that progress when the ACT came. I surprised myself with scoring a above average in the English section and a perfect score in the reading. Showing that my efforts were not in vain.

So yeah something that was one of my greatest weakness and had my absolute disdain; developed into one of my greatest passions to perfect in mastery. So much so that since I turned 19, I spend majority if not all of my time reading. Now at this point in my life I seemed to have stopped perusing perfection in my craft. It came to my attention this previous week when my phone for 7 years broke. On it, it had my memoirs of inspirations over the years and I realized how much I had done over the years. Luckily, I had a cloud backup, so I didn’t lose my poetry, but as I reviewed the pieces it came to my attention that I really love it. Yet I know that I could do better and want to. With that I decided to do a 30-day challenge of making a piece every day to develop a habit out of it.

Since I’ve been out of practice, I asked close friends and family to help me. I asked to give me one topic/theme and five words. With that I'd like to share one piece I recently did that was given to me by a friend. The Theme given to me was: energy processes. The five words were photosynthesis, loquacious, aurora, panacea and galactic. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to send in your own requests to maliq@katharsismedia.org.

“ Inner Alchemy”

Energy is neither created or destroyed

It’s just transitions going through instances

I was born by a spark

And travel through dark

I was meant for this

I’m Branching out

I’m just a Superman

Going through his photosynthesis

Embracing the light, heaven sent

From within

I predate the aurora of time

My spirit immortalized

To override the loquacious body of mine

That prompts an ideal mind

That prevents my energy from being one of a kind

My name is a buzz word


My presence is panacea

Connecting the lands on some Pangea

When my kinetic connects

Wouldn’t wanna be yeah

My moment of magnitude

Break the scales

Make you into a believer

I’mma receiver of that positive static

Love so elastic, stretching past thee galactic

My success has become a habit

Since I polarized what can be imagined

An attract it as esoteric magnetic

Since I’ll never die

Why should I fear a casket

Thank you for reading, and as we like to say here at katharsis, " Dreams take work, so let's get to it"

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