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Film & Theatre Internships

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Every year, we take on 3-5 interns who specialize in either film or theatre. These interns are granted tuition waivers for all of our programs during their internship. During the summer, we have summer internships, which are open to both high school and college age students.

Hands on Training

Internships provide hands-on training with industry professionals. This past year, interns had the opportunity to work with Hollywood sound designer, Lara Dale, Broadway Star, Courtney Thomas, as well as local artists and coaches. They worked to produce short films and musical theatre numbers and were trained in all aspects of the production process. This upcoming season, film interns will work on a variety of film sets--large and small, and theatre interns will work on a touring production of a new musical!

Interns for the academic year fully participate in our Professional Year Programs and have the opportunity to serve in leadership or assistantship roles, adding to their exercise and helping them to work directly under talented professionals.