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The Necessity of Creating Independent Projects

If you're serious about being a professional asset in the industry of entertainment, then you need to understand that you can be more than a perfromer, you can be a creator, and creators lead this industry!

Just because there may not be money in making something on your own does not make it worthless. In fact, being able to create independent projects such as films, music, books, scripts, etc., are some of the most valuable skills that you can have in this industry!

It is more important to not just make your own independent content, but to collaborate with others on your content and theirs. This creates real experience and opportunity to hone the skills required to excel in entertainment.

If you have ideas, write them down, build on them, flesh them out, and make something you're proud of. Make more of what you want to see in this industry and when you do, realize that your projects are proof of your commitment to storytelling, art, and the freedom of expression!

Thank you so much for reading!

Well Wishes,


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