After hours at "The Awesome Place"! 

March 1-May 25, 2021


Looking for an awesome place for your kiddo to go after school? 

Look no further. This is "The Awesome Place"! 


Here's the line up: 

Mondays @ 2:15PM: Art with Michelle

Mondays @ 4:00PM: Movie Makers with Candice

Tuesdays @ 2:15PM: Kung Fu with Gary

Tuesdays @ 4:00PM: Comics with Abby

Wednesdays @ 2:15PM: Pottery with Jane

Wednesdays @ 4:00PM: Ballet II 

Thursdays @ 2:15PM: Comics with Mercedes

Thursdays @ 4:00PM: Clown & Improv with Bradd

Class Descriptions

Mondays @ 2:15PM: Art with Michelle

This class will explore art with a focus on the creative reuse of materials from urban and natural environments. Art is a universal language that builds bridges of understanding and connects us to who we are while empowering a collective and innovative mind. Art making offers a way to channel the rampant emotional, physical, and spiritual disconnect in our modern society into innovative and original articulations.

Mondays @ 4:00PM: Movie Makers with Candice

This class will take students from script to final screening of an original short film. Students will participate as cast or crew for the production and will receive hands on training in each role with the help of industry professionals. 


Tuesdays at 2:15PM: Kung Fu with Gary

This class  is an introductory class in Chinese martial arts. Students will learn forms, punches, kicks, responsibility and self accountability.

Tuesdays at 4:00PM: Comics with Abby

In this class we will learn how to start writing, scripting and sketching out short comics! We will brainstorm ideas for each comic as a group then we will spend time in smaller groups working on completing each piece! This is a great place to start learning what you may or may not like about the process of making a comic!​​

Wednesdays at 2:15PM: Pottery with Jane

This class introduces students the tactile aspect of clay. They will also learn about the history of pottery and where clay comes from and how different regions have different clay. Our first project will be to make a simple monster. In the following classes, we will be making trivets, pendants, closed vessels and working up to a taller vessel, using a large variety of simple tools, stamps and texture rollers. Students can bring something in to create an impression on their pieces such as a shell, leaf or even a stone. Each child should have 4 or 5 completed pieces to take home. Throughout the weeks we will be talking about similarities and differences and the beauty of each...and of course clay.

Wednesdays at 4:00PM: Ballet II 

This class will build upon the skills learned Ballet I. This class is for students who have completed beginning ballet and are ready to commit to more formal training focusing on a strong technical foundation. A complete technique class with barre, center, and across the floor movement. Choreography will be filmed and screened at the end of semester showcase. Prerequisite: Ballet I or by audition. 

Thursdays at 2:15PM: Comics with Mercedes

This class is an introduction to the comic book genre of art! We will be learning how to make comics, how to distinguish adaptations and inspirations, the different styles of comics, and many more topics of discussion.

Thursdays at 4:00PM: Clown & Improv with Bradd

In this class we will play theater games and explore the comedic side of live theater including a foray into clown performance. All games will be socially distanced and proper attire (i.e. face masks, shields, etc) will be worn. Class will culminate with a performance that will be filmed and included in the end of semester showcase. 

Registration is limited to 10 students per class. All classes are $15 per session or $180 per semester (12 sessions per semester). Tuition can be paid up front ($180--save $15!) or in 3 payments of $65 each. 


COVID Precautions: 

Classes are limited to 10 students.

Masks are required and social distancing is enforced. 

Daily temperature checks & COVID questionnaire before entering.

Stay home if you are sick or experiencing symptoms.

Disposable gloves will be used when playing boardgames or using tools. 

Games and tools will be sanitized between uses. 

After School Classes

Please select a class:
Price Options
One-time purchase
Payment Plan
$65.00monthly/ 3 months
  • Tuition of $180 is based on $15 per session for 12 sessions from March 1-May 25, and require commitment for the entire semester. Classes are extremely limited. Tuition fees reserve your child's spot regardless of attendance and are nonrefundable. There will be no class the week of March 22-26 (APS Spring Break), as we are hosting a movie maker's camp that week. In the even that your child is sick or there is a closure due to COVID, classes will be available over ZOOM. If the closures last more than 14 consecutive business days, an option for prorated refund may become available. In the event, that it becomes necessary for you to disenroll your child, please request and return a signed cancellation form. We need 14 days notice in advance of your regular draft date to cancel your membership. Any draft payments already scheduled within the 14 day period will be drafted. 

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