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What's the AKCS Breakfast Club? 


It's a cool spot to hang out, create art, do homework, eat breakfast, or even make your own podcast before school starts--just for Alice King kids! 


Drop in anytime between 6:45am-7:55am. At 7:55am, our staff walks everyone over to AKCS to ensure they are there on time and safe and sound!


Katharsis Media is conveniently located across the parking lot from AKCS (it's the lot many of you *do not* park in when picking up / dropping off your kiddos--and it's a small business owned by an AKCS Mom!).  Oh--and if you've been here before, we've expanded our space and hired some AWESOME new staff!! Come check it out!! 


7911 Mountain Rd NE, Suite F

Albuqueruqe, NM 87110


RESERVE YOUR SPOT for $30 per child. Be sure to input how many children you have under "quantity", so all of your children have reserved spots. Reservation deposits are non-refundable but count toward registration costs. 


Registration will start at $5 per day for the 1st child / $4 additional children for Breakfast Club. As we know that AKCS is still working on their official 2024-2025 calendar, so we will update final prices once we know the official calendar.  You can pay for the whole year, for the semester, for the month, or you can register and then pay just a drop-in rate at the open studio rate. The least expensive option will be paying for the whole year in advance. 


Registration will open June 1st. 


What do they DO during open studio time? 


Glad you asked! Katharsis Media is a fully operational television studio and co-op for content creators. Kids can make podcasts, short films, write scripts, edit footage, create stop motion, play with animation, record audio stories, or even tape their audition. 


If none of that is to their fancy, we also have a variety of board games, books, and art supplies they can play with. The New Mexico Education Channel (our channel) will also be playing airing in the background some of our favorite educational programs (like SciKids and KidsFirst--a local kids entertainment news show) as well as programs made by kids at our studio! 

AKCS Breakfast Club

  • Deposits are non-refundable but count toward registration.

    Reservation spots are per child, not per household. Please be sure to purchase a reservation spot for each child you intend to register to ensure spots are held for all children. 

    As we know that AKCS is still working on their official 2024-2025 calendar, so we will update final prices once we know the official calendar and how many days are in the academic year. 

    To help you best plan, below are the registration breakdowns: 

    During registration, you will be able to pay several ways: 

    Prepaid for entire year: $5 per day for first child / $4.00 per day per additional child. 

    Per semester: $5.50 per day for first child / $4.50 per day per additional child. 

    Per month: $6.50 per day for first child / $5.50 per day per additional child. NOTE: monthly payments are based on an average, not actual days in the month. This allows us to account for holiday breaks, conferences, and days off. If AKCS has 180 days for 2024-2025, we take that number and multiply it times the day rate (6.50) and then divide that by 10 payments (4 for fall and 4 for spring), which are paid for on a 10 month payment plan.  (Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May).  So if it's 180 days, it would be $117 per month for the first child and then $99 per month for each additional child if they are attending every day. 

    You can also register your child using the non-refundable deposit and then just drop into open studio hours for $1.75 per 15 min for the first child and $1.60 per 15 minutes each additional child. This is the best option for those who only need a few minutes of extra time in the morning or just on occasion. 

  • Breakfast Club membership does not count toward after school open studio membership. What this means, is that the open studio time that we have after school is reserved for those students and their siblings who are enrolled in our after school club programs. 

    However, students in our after school club programs and their siblings are able to drop into morning open studio hours. This is just because we have to manage classes AND open studio time after school, so we need to limit students in after school open hours to those who are registered and their siblings. In the mornings, we do not have classes, so all of our awesome spaces are able to be used by creative and tech savvy kids (and they'll be taught how to use them all!). 

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