Introducing: Actor' Clubs. For Teen and Adult Actors.
More than a class. Production focused. Individually tailored. Training for working actors. 



Adults: Mondays @6:00-7:30pm

Teens: Sundays @5:30-7:30pm

**New students begin April 25, 2021**

This concept was actually inspired by a group of my favorite students. Working with them is an incredible joy, but after the end of another 6 week session, we acknowledge that the work continues and we are truly JUST GETTING STARTED. 

The thing I love about these students is that I've gotten to know them so well over the last several years. It allows me to hone in on the areas of growth they need--and to avoid the topics that they already know. 

The Actors' Clubs are a different approach to typical training for actors. Rather than topical based and leveled according to ability, these clubs are for working actors who are serious about their careers, and need a steady time to set aside for training. 

The idea of leveling for ability seems like a good idea, but in reality, an actor may be phenomenal at cold reads, but need growth in displaying a specific emotion or working on a dialect. Rather than offer a bunch of different classes, these acting clubs will be small groups that journey together and the lessons will be based on the needs of the group in each club. We will start with one for adults and one for teens and then add other times as it grows. 

The clubs will focus on coaching for auditions or projects the actors are currently working on, specific skills that the actors need growth in, and intentional study of various techniques from "The 5 Greats"--Chubbuck, Adler, Hagan, Meisner, & Stanislavski. These "theory classes" will be the third week of every month so that we can be intentional about digging into new techniques, but also focus a majority of our time working on scenes and application of the techniques. These clubs will be ongoing and we ask that students begin with a 2 month commitment so that we do not have "drop ins". We will accept new students every 2 months.

These will be also the perfect place for students who want to be in our film and tv show clubs to hone their skills in preparation for major roles--not required, but a good place to build a strong acting foundation and understand how director, Candice Neu, directs her actors. 

The Actors' Club

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