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Looking for an awesome place for your kiddo to go after school? 
Look no further. This is "The Awesome Place"! 

Here's the line up: 
Mondays @ 4:00PM-5:15PM: Scripts & Stories
Tuesdays @ 4:00PM-5:15PM: Stunt Acting
Wednesdays @ 4:00PM-5:15PM: The Nonfiction Show
Thursdays @ 4:00PM-5:15PM: Kids Tech Kru 
AKCS Breakfast Club Mon-Thurs @ 7:00am-8:20am

Fridays: 9:00am-3:00pm: The Original TV Series
Sundays: 5:30PM-7:00PM: The Actor's Club for Kids

Industry Training for grades 2-6
(younger students considered by audition / interview)
Students from Alice King Community School & Hayes Middle School will be picked up by Katharsis Staff upon school dismissal and walked across to the studio. 

Mondays @ 4PM-5:15pm: Scripts & Stories
Students will gather to brainstorm, storyboard, and script segments and scenes to be produced in our Wednesday "The Nonfiction Show" class! They will be ecstatic when these scripts come to life on the Big Screen! 



After School Classes: 4:00pm-5:15pm
With after school pick up from Alice King at 3:30pm. After School Classes are $60/ month per student for the first class and $40/month per class thereafter.


Tuesdays @ 4PM-5:15pm: Stunt Acting
It's never too early to start stunt actor training. And actually, there are FAR LESS kids with stunt training in the Industry--so that gives YOU an edge. Literally. That's right, students will start off learning hand to hand stunt fighting and then move into prop weaponry and parkour. Safety measures are always taken and stunt actors will be thoroughly trained in how to perform stunts safely. 



Wednesdays @ 4PM-5:15pm: The Nonfiction Show
You might be thinking "documentary" here, but really, nonfiction simply means anything that isn't specifically fiction. This includes the News, Reality tv, cooking shows, competition shows, interview shows, unboxing events....the list goes on and on. Students will gather on Wednesdays to produce their own nonfiction tv show. They will get to choose whether to be on cast or crew and the show will air on Comcast 27 when it's wrapped!


Thursdays @ 4PM-5:15pm: Kids Tech Kru
Lights, camera, action! Like literally--the kids in this class will learn all about film industry trades on the "other side of the camera". From directing to camera work, lighting and sound to editing and special effects--this "kru" covers it all. Each month we will focus on a different area of film making, bringing in awesome film industry professionals to share their knowledge and experience. Kids in this club will be ready to lead crew teams for the annual 48 hour film fest, for our summer / spring break / winter break camps, and of course for all of the student film projects we produce year round. 


AKCS Breakfast Club: Mon-Fridays 7am-8:20am
Begins July 26, 2021

Okay, okay--don't start drooling...we are NOT making pancakes and bacon (or even oatmeal for that matter)... but we ARE hanging out with kids every morning and then walking them across to AKCS just in time for breakfast on campus. Kids get to hang out, relax, make art if they want or even finish up last night's homework with our awesome staff and their friends. Opens at 7am so parents can get to work on time. Kids in Friday TV Club? Yep--there's Breakfast Club on Fridays, too (leading right up to our Friday Filmmaker's Club!

Other Classes
Prices vary by program. 


Fridays 9am-3pm: The Original TV Series
Begins August 13, 2021

All day. Every Friday. (Following the Alice King Community School schedule). Kids become filmmakers on an original TV series written by Director/ Producer /Screenwriter, Candice Neu. This will be a 30 minute weekly series with its own spot on our local public access station. Kids will serve as both cast and crew under the guidance of industry professionals. If your kid wants to be a professional filmmaker, this is a great place to get started! Kids will build their IMDb resume as they work to produce an Original TV Series!


Sundays 5:30pm-7:00pm: The Actor's Club for Kids.
Begins August 17, 2021
You asked for it, so back by popular demand--the Actor's Club for Kids! Train under the coaching of Director / Producer, Candice Neu. Candice has worked with actors for nearly two decades and desires to see New Mexicans selected for principal roles in film, therefore, she teaches. This class is for working actors, not for hobbyists, so please gauge the level of your child before registering. A working actor is an actor that looks at acting as a career path, not as an extra curricular activity. The actors in this class are either already represented by an agent or ready to seek representation. The class focuses on acting theory from Meisner, Stanislavsky, Adler, Hagen, and Chubbuck and implements these theories into performance driven scenes that will be included in an actual published project (on broadcast television or in a film festival). Since growth takes time, commitment for at least 2 months is expected of all students. 

COVID Precautions: 
Masks are required for staff & students when not on camera. 
Daily temperature checks before entering.
Stay home if you are sick or experiencing symptoms.
Equipment and surfaces will be sanitized between uses.

NOTE: COVID Precautions subject to change per the CDC 

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