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Hear it First

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7911 Mountain Rd. NE, Suite F Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110

(505) 585-5153 (call or text)

Five Reasons to Support Katharsis Media 

5. Katharsis is conveniently located in an emerging entertainment capitol. 

The film industry in Albuquerque, New Mexico is booming and growing. With Netflix and NBC moving here, it is only going to get bigger.

4. When you support Katharsis Media, you are raising the baseline of talent. 

Because Katharsis focuses on training rather than simply production, we are able to infuse higher level and more specific skills into our students. Also, because we are striving to provide a living wage to teacher-artists in our community, they have more freedom of time and finance to invest in themselves as artists.

3. When you support Katharsis Media, you are supporting the Theatre Community. 

Katharsis Media was created to fulfill three purposes—to provide access to professional level training for all persons regardless of financial ability; to provide a living wage for teacher- artists; and to educate the community in the Arts through production of film and theatre projects. When you support Katharsis Media, you are boosting the economy within our Theatre Community, which creates a cycle where artists put back into the community, students grow in their abilities, and awareness about the community is heightened. In addition, our scholarships are not simply for OUR programs—they are for whatever performing arts program a student wants to attend. The teacher-artists that we use are not Katharsis Employees, but rather artists from the community. This means that every donation to Katharsis, is a donation in direct support of the community as a whole.

2. Supporting Katharsis places you as an advocate for the less fortunate. 

So often the Arts are categorized as a privilege for the financially able; however, as you and I both know, the Arts are not an option—they are a lifeline, a basic human right, even. The opportunity to create art is an opportunity to express both ecstatic joy and also the deepest grief; it is a medium for healing and for personal growth; it is a voice for social change and to advocate for those who are unable to speak for themselves. Every person should have access to the Arts. Katharsis Media desires to accomplish just that. We strive to make professional level training available to all persons regardless of financial ability. Many of our programs are designed specifically for low income individuals and families, to help equalized the current disparities in ability due to cost of training. When you donate to Katharsis Media, you partner with us to advocate for the less fortunate—to ensure that they have equal access to Arts training and opportunities. 

1. When you partner with Katharsis, you make kids’ dreams come true. 

Truly—isn’t that at the very heart of what we all want - to make possible the impossible? Donating to Katharsis makes kid's dreams come true every single year. So many young people dream of becoming professionals in the performing arts industry, of making a life out of their art, not simply a hobby.


Did you know that this is actually how Katharsis Media came to be? It’s true. Year after year, I watched so many of my high school theatre students apply for and be accepted to AMDA, only to experience the heartbreak that followed when they realized that even with the scholarships offered by AMDA and all of the financial aid available to them—there was still just not enough money available to make their dreams a reality. This inspired me to create a company that would strive to bridge the gap in ability by providing training and to bridge the gap in finances by finding and providing funds so students are both prepared and able to attend prestigious schools such as AMDA. 


I truly hope you will join with us in helping make the dreams of these kids come true. It is a sacrifice and a risk, absolutely...but this sacrifice will remove the lock and allow that doorway to TRULY become a possibility.