Classes for Youth (grades 8-12)

Youth classes are divided into skills based and production based classes. We know that both are necessary for those serious about pursuing a career in this incredibly competitive industry. Production classes allow teens to gain experience both in front and behind the camera on a live set. In general, productions will be either submitted to festivals, aired on Comcast 27, or made available on Amazon Prime. Productions allow students to hone their skills while doing the actual work of the cast or crew and gaining valuable IMDb credit. Skills classes hone their skills so they can audition and perform at their very best. Skills classes are also individually tailored for each group of students and are designed by director / producer, Candice Neu, based on the areas of growth needed during productions. We strongly encourage those interested in productions to take skills classes in order to be better prepared for productions.   All of our classes, clubs, & internships are designed to prepare youth to enter into the workforce as working cast and crew members. The most prepared student will take both skills and production classes.


The Actors' Club for teens was inspired by a group of incredible teen actors that have been around KM since its inception in 2019. We realized that as working actors, these kids needed skills training AND a space to work on upcoming auditions and projects on an ongoing basis. This club does exactly that. Rather than a "class", it is a club--an ongoing, weekly gathering where actors study acting technique and apply those skills to current projects. Working in an ongoing manner allows us to get to know the students and their areas of strength and weakness. 


Lights. Camera. ACTION!! This club is just for the teen techie in your life. Whether they are interested in sound design, directing, special effects, set dressing or CGI, this is the place where teens from across the city come to train--and prepare for production. Work opportunities are plentiful for the well trained technician, so there is no reason to wait until after high school to get started. Our Teen Tech KRU members have the unique opportunity to work on major projects and to study under industry professionals as they pursue their dreams of working on set. Coming Fall 2021. 


Falls. Combat. Fire. Plus the ones they already do--skateboarding, bmxing, parkour--this kru is gearing up to be the only teen stunt "kru" in town. This project is a joint venture between Katharsis Media and the Rising Star Stunt Crew, which means that you will have access to legitimate stunt actors and trainers who will ensure you are ready to step onto set. The cool thing about stunt crews?? Their team coordinator hand picks the actors, so training hard REALLY pays off when Stunt Team Coordinator, Gary Choi, is involved.

Coming Fall 2021. 


PRODUCTION--where the training hits the pavement--er uhhhh.... the sound stage. This summer internship is no less than a feature film in the making. This film will be written, treated, filmed, and edited by youth interns this summer. Of course, they will work under the incredible leadership of industry professionals to ensure this feature film is festival quality. Interns will serve as both cast and crew, and will receive valuable IMDb credit.


This project has been a long time in the making and we cannot be more excited. Coming this fall, youth interns will spend 4-6 hours per week inside of Studio 519 filming an original TV series, "The Green Room". Written by Candice Neu, this series follows the adventures of a group of misfit kids--the offspring of film industry professionals--after they find an antique camera that "summons" industry experts in this wacky high school dramedy. This series will air on Comcast local 27 and Amazon Prime. Parents will receive associate producer credit for their contributions. 

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