The Mural Project

About The Mural Project:

Katharsis Media has been commissioned to bring together a diverse group of artists who will work together to create a “Puzzle Piece Mural” symbolic of the idea that each piece is unique and different but works together to give meaning and life to the whole. All pieces are of equal value and significance. 48 artists will work together to craft through words, poems, and a variety of visual art mediums, a mural using the motto “release the creative”. 35 of these artists have already been selected and we are now looking for 13 STUDENT artists.

The mural will be comprised of 48 unique puzzle pieces created by 48 different artists. Each piece would be around 2'x2' in size. Artists will be selected to ensure that the mural represents a diverse population representative of the rich and diverse heritage of our city. 13 of these artists will be student artists, to represent one student from each of the city’s high school districts.

Student artists must reside in the Albuquerque area, within one of the local high school districts. Students can be homeschooled or attend a charter, public, or private school, but must reside within the Albuquerque Public School district. Student artists MUST be in grades 9-12 to be eligible.

Artists will work together to envision the final product and determine how the overall mural will represent the diversity of our city while still allowing each individual puzzle piece to be unique and tell its own story. Once the mural is finished, the mural will be displayed for a time and then individual pieces will be sold at a silent auction to raise funds for scholarships to visual and performing arts classes and performances in community theatre and art centers across the city.

Congratulations (2).png

Join with me in congratulating the featured artists for our 2021 Albuquerque Mural Project:

NOTE: this list does NOT include student/minor artists, as we are waiting until the spring to make decisions regarding student artists. 

Abigail Butler
Alexandrea Gowan
Alyssa Romero
Andrea Jaramillo
Annie Mitchem
Belen Romero
Ben Harrison
Caitlin Carcerano
Catalina Salinas
Christian Michael Gallegos 
Cynthia Mulvaney
Davis Todd Hebenstreit 
Honor Heindl
Jane E Seen
Joeseph Arnoux
Kait O'Brien
Kerr Adams
Lisa Slavick
Marisa Mott
Mercedes Petrilla
Michelle Constantinescu
Michelle Korte
Nathan Nez
Nora I Atayde-Reynaga
Pi Luna
Reese Bice
Savannah Hoover
Shannon Sweet
Sunita smith
Trevor Pope
Veronica Baca
Xavier Visage
Zachary Kluckman



We had an incredible amount of talent submit for the Albuquerque Mural Project and it was a very difficult decision to make.

Congratulations to all who submitted. 

Check back for updates on this incredible project! 

Featured Artists for the Mural Project: (updated weekly)

Instagram Abby Butler.png

The Mural Project-ARTIST SPOTLIGHT- Abby Butler

"I am a sequential artist, illustrator and ceramicist. I have a big imagination that I wield freely in many directions in hopes of finding people to share my passions with. I've managed to meet many amazing people along the way who have helped me develop my skills and have cheered me on when I began taking on projects such as comic anthologies, magazine covers and ceramic illustration. All while managing the business side of art as well! 

"I revel in fantasy and emotion and that shows in all of my work whether funny, sad, happy or any other feel you can frame.I find that whether I am throwing paint at paper or pitching an idea for a new story I never feel out of place if I am speaking to an artistic vision. Also if you read this far the burrito was from Little Anita's and it was delicious."


The Mural Project-ARTIST SPOTLIGHT- Honor Heindl ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

"By day, I am a clinical social worker and bear witness to pain and sit with people in their hurt. By night, I reset with paper and ink, taking my broken heart and making it into art (thank you, Carrie Fisher). My illustrations are usually a mixture of words and images that explore mental health, connection, self-love, and social justice. I am learning to pour sorrow and anger, despair and confusion into something redemptive and hopeful.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


"In my free time, I enjoy eating and drinking my way through new cities, making eye contact with animals, controlled spontaneity, hot yoga, spoken word, and riding bicycles in rainstorms. One of the best compliments I have ever received was being told I give great hugs.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


"I hope that wherever and however you are, you lean into whatever nourishes you the way drawing has for me, and that you always stay curious."



Michelle has taught creative arts in public and private schools, museums, and community centers in Chicago, Oakland, and Albuquerque for over twenty years. She holds degrees and certificates in Art as Social Change, Creative Art Therapies, and Interdisciplinary Arts. She is impassioned about making the uplifting and transformative power of art accessible to all people. In 2017 she manifested a dream into reality by converting a school bus into a mobile art studio that focuses on inclusive art education, activism, and sustainability. Michelle, also known as Shelly Shucker, offers workshops that use reclaimed materials within a learning environment that supports an open-ended creative process and collaborative problem-solving. She has shown her whimsical mixed media art in galleries and public spaces around the world.

“My fascination with the ways in which ecology, industry and ceremony intersect defines my investigation into the role of human as animal, consumer, and healer. I use collage, sculpture, installation, and performance to recover and analyze materials from cultural landscapes within the greater context of nature’s hierarchy. Currently, I primarily use a pulp made from paper waste, such as junk mail, to make sacred symbolic sculptures and landscapes that represent both inner and outer worlds.”

“My creations are often patterns and layers of manufactured objects combined with natural materials, sometimes suggesting absurdity; other times offering communion or remediation. Within my process, the gathering and transporting of constituent elements for the works of art are ritualized action. My body becomes an intersection of overlapping systems as I interact with specific environments. Often there is a tension of beauty and pain in archetypal humanness that accumulates, memorializes, tires outs, and leaves traces behind. My artistic methods of instinct, innovation, and intuition become refined as I dig deeper into that tension.”


THE MURAL PROJECT-Artist Spotlight-Marisa Matteucci Mott

title: Professional Colorer

credo: Don't take yourself too seriously.

phobias: Stepping on scorpions, creating a portrait with crazy eyes or twisted expression, or over-layering paint to the point that it falls off in one messy clump.

goods: I play with art constantly; plus practice, tweak, collect and admire it. Self-direction, flexibility, and responsiveness are just a few of my down-right, super-duper habits.

kicks: Negative space illusions, Demetri Martin drawings, vintage neon, and NHRA drag racing

life work status: Originally a side hustle, Cowboy Kimono became my main gig in 2019.


The Mural Project-ARTIST SPOTLIGHT-Cynthia Mulvaney

"New Mexico called me, all the way from upstate New York and, in 2016, I traveled here and discovered this beautiful, magical place, truly the 'Land of Enchantment'! I think of Georgia O'Keeffe traveling the same path and painting her vivid landscapes. It has been an inspiration to me, as well, to drink in the beauty of the sunset, the enormity of the cloud-filled sky, and the glow of the pink and red sunsets. I try to reflect this in my work, along with my ongoing focus and love of portraiture. The human face is the most interesting, beautiful 'landscape' to me and the most rewarding challenge is not only capturing the likeness physically but the personality, thought, individuality, and emotion that is inside each of us and what makes us who we are; that is most rewarding to me as an artist."

Check out Cynthia's site at

Catalina Salinas.png


Catalina Salinas is a Bolivian Architect and Artist who was born in La Paz, Bolivia, in the Andes of South America. She has been based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico for the past decade. Her paintings are inspired by the colorful textiles from her home country, called "aguayos," and landscapes of the western states, combining geometrical elements, optical illusions, and abstract works using a continuous color gradation, variety of textures, collages, and media.

Catalina is a permanent artist for the Amapola Art Gallery-Artist Cooperative located at the historic gallery in Old Town, Albuquerque, NM, along with about forty other regional artists. She works with School Zone Institute (a non-profit that hosts a program called "Architecture and Children") as a volunteer, employee, and board member to promote art education, architecture, and design thinking. Catalina has worked as a collaborator for the Institute Cervantes in Albuquerque (a non-profit from the embassy of Spain) teaching Spanish and creativity. She has also participated in workshops and exhibited at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. Catalina currently teaches Spanish at Annunciation Catholic School. While art is not her primary job, it is her passion.

“I grew up in Bolivia, where nature is part of our home culture, too. Pachamama is our mother earth in the Andes area, and in the jungle, Babe is the hacedor of the bosque, the God that lives in it. Elder women learn from their ancestors to respect nature, encourage observation of the stars, listen to the animals, and use different herbs to heal the family; we have curanderas and of course a few witches! The work of Rudolfo Anaya’s book, Bless me, Ultima (Bendíseme, Ultima) helps me to remember great moments with my own grandmother; and inspires me to pass these along to new generations.”

Sunita Smith (1).png


Sunita Smith was born in El Paso, Texas, where she received an undergrad degree in fine arts with a focus on printmaking and ceramics from the University of Texas at El Paso. Upon graduating, she left the southwest and moved to San Francisco California to begin a new journey into self-discovery.

It was during this time she started to experiment with the use of words and phrases in her paintings. While living in San Francisco, she was featured in group shows and had several independent shows which were well received. While living in California, she found a passion for traveling and trekking across the world, exploring various cultures and continents. These experiences had a drastic effect on the pre-conceived privileged life she had experienced and was a revelation into the misfortunes of the suffering of others across the world. It was at this time, that her artwork began to reveal several components of mortality and a fascination with ritual and death.

Southwestern iconography and imagery from India and Asia had a profound effect on Sunita’s painting. Ritualistic colors and imagery became a hallmark of her artistic expression and changed how she painted; adding various artifacts to her paints such as mica and wax. In addition to painting, she started singing with “Handmaiden America”, a women’s eclectic acapella group experimenting with traditional Bulgarian Musician and original sounds/improvisation. Learning to sing in a foreign language also changed her perspective on culture, and how art is a catalyst for storytelling and understanding the significance of art as folklore.

Sunita moved to the Southwest in 2002 and began teaching. Throughout her teaching career, she created a number of Mural paintings with her students, while teaching them about history and the importance of self-expression. In addition to the Murals she created with her students, She has painted several murals for the Albuquerque School District with an emphasis on local culture and community. Through self-reflection and celebration of our own mortality, Smith’s work takes us into the journey and realization through familiar iconography from a variety of cultures and philosophies. Currently, Sunita resides in New Mexico, sharing her time between Albuquerque and Taos County.

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