The Mural Project

The Mural Project Student Artist Information:

Are you a Student Artist living in Albuquerque who would like to be considered for one of thirteen spots to work on The Mural Project?

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Deadline for submissions is 2/10/2021 at 6 p.m. MST

About The Mural Project:

Katharsis Media has been commissioned to bring together a diverse group of artists who will work together to create a “Puzzle Piece Mural” symbolic of the idea that each piece is unique and different but works together to give meaning and life to the whole. All pieces are of equal value and significance. 48 artists will work together to craft through words, poems, and a variety of visual art mediums, a mural using the motto “release the creative”. 35 of these artists have already been selected and we are now looking for 13 STUDENT artists.

The mural will be comprised of 48 unique puzzle pieces created by 48 different artists. Each piece would be around 2'x2' in size. Artists will be selected to ensure that the mural represents a diverse population representative of the rich and diverse heritage of our city. 13 of these artists will be student artists, one from each of the city’s high school districts.

Student artists must reside in the Albuquerque area, within one of the local high school districts. Students can be homeschooled or attend a charter, public, or private school, but must reside within the Albuquerque Public School district. Student artists MUST be in grades 9-12 to be eligible.

Artists will work together to envision the final product and determine how the overall mural will represent the diversity of our city while still allowing each individual puzzle piece to be unique and tell its own story. Once the mural is finished, the mural will be displayed for a time and then individual pieces will be sold at a silent auction to raise funds for scholarships to visual and performing arts classes and performances in community theatre and art centers across the city.

Join with me in congratulating the featured artists for our 2021 Albuquerque Mural Project:

NOTE: this list does NOT include student/minor artists, as we are waiting until the spring to make decisions regarding student artists. 

Abigail Butler
Alexandrea Gowan
Alyssa Romero
Andrea Jaramillo
Annie Mitchem
Belen Romero
Ben Harrison
Caitlin Carcerano
Catalina Salinas
Christian Michael Gallegos 
Cynthia Mulvaney
Davis Todd Hebenstreit 
Honor Heindl
Jane E Seen
Joeseph Arnoux
Kait O'Brien
Kerr Adams
Lisa Slavick
Marisa Mott
Mercedes Petrilla
Michelle Constantinescu
Michelle Korte
Nathan Nez
Nora I Atayde-Reynaga
Pi Luna
Reese Bice
Savannah Hoover
Shannon Sweet
Sunita smith
Trevor Pope
Veronica Baca
Xavier Visage
Zachary Kluckman



We had an incredible amount of talent submit for the Albuquerque Mural Project and it was a very difficult decision to make.

Congratulations to all who submitted. 

Check back for updates on this incredible project! 

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