Wednesdays at "The Awesome Place"! 


8:20AM: Drop off & Breakfast (bring from home or order in advance)

8:45AM: Study time (AKCS morning meeting) read / draw / boardgames

10:00AM: Comics with Mercedes

11:10AM: Hip Hop with Deidre

12:20PM: Lunch (bring from home or order in advance)

12:50PM: Music with Daniel

2:00PM: Pick up / Break for After Care students

Class Descriptions

Comics with Mercedes

This class is an introduction to the comic book genre of art! We will be learning how to make comics, how to distinguish adaptations and inspirations, the different styles of comics, and many more topics of discussion.

Mercedes Petrilla is a Mexican American who was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Her interest in art came from her rare trips out of Alaska to California and Texas on vacations. She was inspired and fell in love with the color and fluidity used in graffiti that she saw in her travels, the line and shape usage in caricature artists on the street, and the fun characters she saw in Disneyland. Along the way, she worked in a local screen-printing shop (Hulin Alaskan Design), designed a bench for the Anchorage Park Foundation while working with Bettisworth North Architects and Planners, and had work featured in the Anchorage School District’s Education Center. In 2020, Mercedes jumped from Las Vegas, Nevada to Albuquerque, New Mexico and continues to strive for her goals in life and art.

Hip Hop 

This foundational dance class will cover basics of hip hop dance and choreography. Students will work to produce a music video that will be included in the screened showcase at the end of the semester. 


Music with Daniel

This class is a general music experience that anyone can step into regardless of their previous musical background. We will be using everyday objects found at home to explore timbre, texture, pitch, and rhythm and their various combinations. Also, we will use word games to brainstorm lyrics. By the end of class, we will create a short song that everyone participates in. 

Daniel Bukin is a composer, conductor, pianist, and music educator currently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His works as a composer and arranger extend from solo piano to full orchestra and cover many genres. Daniel draws influence from his Russian-Jewish heritage including composers such as Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, as well as from opera and musical theatre.

Registration is limited to 10 students per day.

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After Care Schedule

2:15PM: Pottery with Jane

3:25pm: Pick up / Break / Study time / Boardgames 

4:00pm: Ballet II with Deidre

5:15pm: Pick up

2:15PM: Pottery with Jane

This class introduces students the tactile aspect of clay. They will also learn about the history of pottery and where clay comes from and how different regions have different clay. Our first project will be to make a simple monster. In the following classes, we will be making trivets, pendants, closed vessels and working up to a taller vessel, using a large variety of simple tools, stamps and texture rollers. Students can bring something in to create an impression on their pieces such as a shell, leaf or even a stone. Each child should have 4 or 5 completed pieces to take home. Throughout the weeks we will be talking about similarities and differences and the beauty of each...and of course clay.

Jane Seen has been working in pottery for over 20 years, beginning with simple hand building and advancing to all types of clay and glaze work. She has taught private classes through the years, sat on several school boards, and recently retired to be a full time part of her grandson's life. Jane strongly feels that art, in any form, is the most positive way to express one's self at any age.

4:00pm Ballet II 

This class will build upon the skills learned Ballet I. This class is for students who have completed beginning ballet and are ready to commit to more formal training focusing on a strong technical foundation. A complete technique class with barre, center, and across the floor movement. Choreography will be filmed and screened at the end of semester showcase. Prerequisite: Ballet I or by audition. 

COVID Precautions: 

 Classes are booked by cohort for each day of the week to stay as safe as possible.

Classes are limited to 10 students and students remain together for the entire day. 

Masks are required and social distancing is enforced. 

Daily temperature checks & COVID questionnaire before entering.

Stay home if you are sick or experiencing symptoms.

Disposable gloves will be used when playing boardgames or using tools. 

Games and tools will be sanitized between uses. 

Each day, we have just 10 slots, so register ASAP! 

NOTE: after care classes require separate registration,

and are not guaranteed to be from the same cohort. 

This class requires separate registration. Limited to 10 students.

This class requires separate registration. Limited to 10 students.

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