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Sponsorship Spots

Sponsorship spots are 30-second slots of airtime set aside for promotional media from our sponsors. Slots start at $15/ slot and discounts are given for purchasing slots in bulk. Sponsors are responsible for providing media and slots purchased must be used within the same 30-day period. 


0-14: $15/slot

15-28: $14/slot

29-56: $13/slot

57-84: $12/slot

85-112: $11/slot

113+ $10/slot


There are 2160 slots available each month. Sponsors can choose what day and time their media airs and Katharsis Media staff can help with advising based on the target demographics of the NMED Broadcast Schedule blocks. For example, a promo for a solar company would pair really well with #YouABQ, which is a show all about Albuquerque and real estate. It would be less effective when paired with K-A Haircare, which is a hair style show aimed at middle school age viewers. We will help you determine what are the best times for your promo to air. 

Note that slots purchased together are for a single piece of media. If you have multiple promos or decide to add a new promo, you will need to purchase a new package of slots. This is to help us cover the costs and labor associated with preparing your media file for broadcast. 

Purchase Slots
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