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Funding for your project. 

Katharsis Media is honored to be able to offer 10 production grants for the 2023-2024 year.


Our production grants help to supplement your project financially and work in conjunction with our interns on-set initiative. 

What that means is that in addition to financial assistance for your project, we also provide crew support through the placement of well trained interns to assist on your set along with an intern liaison. The intern liaison helps with placement and remains on set with interns so you can focus on your project. Interns and the intern liaison are paid through Katharsis Media, so they assist with your project at no cost to you. 

The amount of funding for grants depends on the number of hours interns serve on your set.

If grant funding runs out, we are also able to offer production crew support apart from the financial support.

To get started, fill out an intern support request or schedule a time to discuss your project. 

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