Dreams take work. Let's get started. 

Training at Katharsis Media is unlike any other. That is because Katharsis Media is more than an acting school--it is a working studio with several television series in distribution and many other projects either in preproduction or post production. We believe that training is vital because we want our projects to be the very best--and therefore training is required. 

Our training programs follow a hybrid model of classroom time AND hands on learning on live sets. Not just sets that are for educational purposes, not sets to provide clips for a show reel--actual productions that will be on tv and online streaming platforms. We currently have 3 television series in distribution on Comcast 27 and available soon on Amazon Prime. 

How do we do this? Easy--we intentionally make time for training and for trainees. Our above the line staff and actors are asked to give time in the classroom so that our students are learning from working professionals, not "professionals looking for work" (whatever that means). On set, our professionals works side by side tech interns so they can learn the trade, but also have a resource right there if they have questions. Our actors are given small speaking roles so they can practice being on a live set and acting for an actual camera. They spend time in the classroom working their scenes with our incredible directors, who coach them through an awesome performance.  

Open Classes: