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Professional production services

Looking for the right team for your next film project? 

From concept design to silver screen, our team of professional filmmakers are here to bring your vision to life. 

Basic production services begin at $239 per hour* and include: 

  • Production supervisor

  • Camera operator

  • Sound Engineer

  • lighting, audio, and cinematography equipment

  • general liability insurance

*minimum of 2 hours and includes set up / tear down. 

This quote is a good start for a small event or film with a small cast. You may also choose to add extra camera operators, production assistants, or include a script supervisor, 1st AD or Director of Photography. 

Editing services are billed separately depending on the number of cameras and amount of footage. Inclusion of special effects or foley sound design are also available. 

In addition to our below the line crew, we also have many extremely talented directors, writers, and casting directors available to meet the needs of your project.

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