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Sponsoring a specific show that jives with your business or target demographic is an awesome and easy way to build brand awareness about your without being responsible for production of media.


Sponsors are mentioned at the beginning and middle of each episode and have their information displayed displayed in the lower thirds when the sponsor is mentioned, as well as during the end credits at the end of the show. Show sponsors can also be mentioned on the show's page on our website, along with logos, contact information and links to the sponsor's social media or website. Some shows also have the capacity for product placement or on-camera interviews.

Please see the previous page for details. 


When you sponsor a show, you are helping to cover the costs of either a segment within the show, a single episode, or even the costs of the entire series. Every show we produce at Katharsis Media has different needs and varies in the overall cost of segments, episodes, and series. Some shows air on NMED 96 and ALSO air on The Southwest Channel (KYNM), with a much larger reach.


We also have shows that air on our channel that are not produced by Katharsis Media or at Studio 519. Only the shows that are produced by Katharsis Media or at Studio 519 or shows that have opted are available for sponsorship in this way. 


Below are the shows available for sponsorship: 


Grammy SuSu's Storytime:

Synopsis: Grammy SuSu reads library books to preschool age students each day and talks about the important lessons we can learn! 

Average Run Time: 10-12 minutes

Broadcast Schedule: Airs Monday through Friday at 9:00am

Target Demographic: PreSchool Age Children and Parents

Segments: N/A

Sponsorship Cost Per Episode: $100

Sponsorship Cost Per Season: $2000 (25 episodes per season) 


Izzy & Ella in the Kitchen:

Synopsis: Two socially-awkward teenagers attempt to make things in the kitchen each week in this wacky cooking show! This show teaches basics in cooking and baking and reminds you that truly ANYONE can cook! 

Average Run Time: 30 minutes

Broadcast Schedule: Airs Tuesdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 9:30am

Target Demographic: Tweens / Teens / Young Adults and anyone who loves to cook or wants to learn

Segments: 1: Kitchen Tips

Sponsorship Cost per Segment: $150

Sponsorship Cost Per Episode: $450

Sponsorship Cost Per Season: $4320 (12 episodes per season) 


3D Art with Gabe:

Synopsis: A brand new art show about digital art. Think of it as a modern digital version of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross! 

Average Run Time: 45 minutes

Broadcast Schedule: Airs Sundays at 8:30pm, Wednesdays at 3:00pm and Saturdays at 10:00am 

(New episodes every TWO weeks)

Target Demographic: Older Teens / Young Adults / Adults interested in gaming and digital animation

Segments: N/A

Sponsorship Cost Per Episode: $300

Sponsorship Cost Per Season: $1920 (8 episodes per season) 


The Neu Agenda:

Synopsis: Some people have a bucket list; some have a to do list. Some live life free from any list. Candice Neu has an agenda—a time conscious, action driven, and incredibly intentional list—of the many things she intends to accomplish, overcome, or experience in life. Join her every week as she meets up with fellow sojourners who are out there conquering obstacles and accomplishing their dreams. What’s on YOUR agenda??

The Neu Agenda is beginning production on Season 5, has produced over 60 episodes and had over 150 filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and artists on its couch as guests. 

Average Run Time: 60 minutes

Broadcast Schedule: Airs on Comcast 27 Saturday & Sunday mornings at 9am;  Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7pm on The Southwest Channel (KYNM); and COMING SOON on Roku Channel: Freedom Lifestyle TV

Total Current Reach: 1.3 Million

Target Demographic: Entrepreneurs, Filmmakers, Dream Chasers, and Artists of all ages 

4 Segments: 

 1. Neu Business--showcasing businesses / products 

2. Intentional Moment--Candice gives tips on being intentional in the pursuit of your goals 

3. Neu Adventures w/ Candice & Friends--Candice and her friends go on wacky adventures in town and around the globe, trying new things and seeing new sights. 

4. Unsolicited Advice--Advice on business, health, fitness, etc. from the weekly guests

5. Performance Spot--weekly performance by slam poets, comedians, musicians and artists.

Sponsorship Cost per Segment: $250

Sponsorship Cost Per Episode: $1100

Sponsorship Cost Per Season: $14,080 (16 episodes per season) 


Segment Sponsors will be mentioned at the top and bottom of the segment, with company information displayed on screen at time of mention as well as in the end credits.


For Broadway Bound LIVE Sponsorship, please visit:

Sponsor a Show

  • After you purchase your sponsorship, you will recieve an email within 48 hours with a form to upload your logo and company information. The form will also have an option to set up a virtual meeting with one of our staff for advisement or to answer questions if needed. 

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