Looking to make a difference? 

Well, you're in the right place. 

Broadway Bound LIVE is the perfect film project to get behind. Not only do you get to indulge your inner filmmaker--every cent donated to this incredible program makes a huge difference. This isn't JUST about the 18 contestants that will receive private vocal lessons, group dance and acting lessons, masterclasses, housing, and more--this program tells kids living in poverty that there IS hope. The path of a performing artist has often been marked by the many expenses required for quality training, housing, expense of time set aside to train, audition, self tape. The performing arts has long been known to be more of a luxury for the more affluent than something attainable for those living in poverty. 

But art is not a luxury. It is a lifeline. 

This program infuses hope into a community that has for too long been told the doors are not open for them. Your support helps us to keep those doors open. 

This program has many needs--and many ways to sponsor! 

Click on the icons below to learn about each of the unique ways you can contribute.