The Teens: 

Mateo: (16). African American. Transgender male. The child of the famous director. Enjoys all the luxuries of film life and aims to be a broadway star. Lives his life loud and proud. Has some conflict with people who “hide in closets”. 


Jacklyn: (16). Russian American. Female. The child of a famous international actress. Doesn’t want anyone to know who she is, so she uses a stage name at school. She is very flirty and a bit promiscuous. *May or may not have an accent*


Joey. Male. 15. Homeschooled child of the DP. A bit socially awkward. His mother is loud and domineering and he is quiet and meek. He wants to be more confident. Romantic interest in Jaclyn. 

Derrick: Male. 15. Best friend of the director’s kid. Worked as background (that’s how they met). Basically adopted by the family. Comes from a low income family. 


Sam: (10). Androgynous. Child of the casting director--no one knows who they are and they want to be known like the other kids. Feels invisible and is often treated as a nobody. Writes stories. 


Esther. (15). Female. Sister of Erik. Child of the Costumer Designer: More mature than the other kids, Esther has a lot of wisdom. Some of that comes from a hard past that she doesn't often talk about. She is often a beacon of hope and the go-to for advice around the studio. She is loyal and a good friend and often plays the mediator in intense situations.  


Erik. (14). Male.  Brother of Ester. Child of the Costume Designer: fashion obsessed, a bit snobby but keen eye for design. He is flamboyant and snarky, and with a secret he doesn’t want anyone to know. 


Chad. (17). Male. Child of the sound designer-- a bit narcissistic. He is sick of moving around and REALLY upset about having to leave his old school with just one year before graduation. He mopes around the studio and basically hates everyone and occasionally plots their demise.

Sarah. Female. (12). Child of the editor--Introverted and cynical. In an odd turn of events, she becomes Chad's sidekick and on the rare occasions they decide to be social (or are forced to by their parents) they team up to play pranks on and sabotage the other kids. 

Isaiah. (14). Child of the locations scout. Has asperger's. Terrified about trespassing and not having permits. HATES when the other kids ask him to dig into his dad’s files for locations. Does it begrudgingly. 

John. (13). Child of the Stunt Crew Captain--always trying to light things on fire or blow things up. Doesn’t really know how to fit in with the other kids. He’s also not really interested in lighting things on fire or blowing things up...he’s actually a pacifist secretly. He just doesn’t know how to seem “cool” by just being himself. He always used his knowledge of stunt things to get the other kids to notice him in school. 


A group of angsty misfits--the odd children of film industry folks--form an on-set club to pass the time while their parents work long hours in production. The discovery of an old video camera that summons film industry experts--current and historical--to divulge the secrets of filmmaking sets them off on wacky quests. Sometimes the secrets “magically” appear in their parents’ productions. Other times, they are seen on national television or for film festival competitions. The group members bond over the joys, stresses--and dramas--of film industry life as they realize that perhaps they “fit” somewhere afterall.

NOTES regarding casting: 

All roles listed are either series regular or recurring roles. 

If gender is not specified, the role may be cast as either male or female and if needed, the character name may be changed. 

At this time we are only auditioning members of the LGBTQ community for the roles of Mateo, Cleo, CeCe, & Erik 

The Adults: 

Bert. 30s-40s. Male. The Studio Security Guard. Charismatic and quirky. He sometimes gets mixed up in the kids' shenanigans. Has a weird obsession with "rare" stamps and knows entirely too much about history. 

Rhonda (40s) Female. African American. The Director. “Brutally” Honest. A good director who wants the best for the show and often feels like she is  juggling too many hats. Makes time for the cast and crew to talk about their concerns, etc, (during an “appropriate time”) but also a bit terrifying when on set. Known to be a “bit” of a perfectionist and has high expectations. 

Seth. (30s). Male. The Assistant Director. Constantly making appearances with a different professional escort and says he has “no time” to date and “besides, this is probably cheaper”.  Overall a fun loving guy. Best friends with Rhonda, who is more mature than him, but he brings out her fun side and knows how to temper her when she’s upset. 

Cleo (30's). Female. The Producer. Always worrying about funding; tries to be inspirational, but also a bit of a wreck. She took out a second mortgage on her house and is recently divorced. The success of this show is incredibly important and if it fails, she will be bankrupt. Mother of Chad.

Jeff (40s). Male. An Associate Producer. Super wealthy and basically bought his way onto the set. He hangs around the set since he has literally nothing better to do and is basically obsessed with famous people and the idea of stardom. Single and desperately trying to "match" on some dating app. Occasionally goes on weird dates or brings dates back to the studio to "impress" them. 

Natalia (22-25). Female. Russian. The Russian Actress--a bit of a drama queen who sometimes forgets that she is not actually a spy in real life.  She's also fairly clumsy and pretentious. 

Jessica. (22-25). Female. The stunt double of the Russian actress. Has actual training in martial arts and is often frustrated with Natalia. 

Elisha. (40-50). Female. The Director of Photography. Loud and domineering; conservative and a bit pushy about her beliefs. Mother of Erik and Ester.

Mason. (20s or 30s). Camera Operator--basically hates Gertrude after she ruined a project they worked on previously. In general, Mason is an observant guy who likes to play the fly on the wall. He has keen observational skills and uses the information he gathers to his advantage when necessary. 

Cecilia “CeCe”. (late 20's or early 30's). Female. The Editor. Generally tries to stay out of everyone’s way and is often locked up for long hours editing.  Not the most social person, but also generally friendly and helpful. HATES the term “fix it in post” and is known to occasionally throw things. Single mother to Sarah, 12, who is a bit of a handful and she isn’t always sure how to handle her. 

Gertrude “Trudy” Frederick. (30s). Female. Camera 2. Became the black sheep around town after a mishap on a low budget project last summer. She has a way of getting things seen from her perspective and isn’t afraid to use her more sensual side to help shift that perspective when necessary. 

Timothy. (early 20's). A production assistant. This is his first job on a film set and he’s really excited and very naive. The other crew members sometimes plays pranks on him.

Alex. (20s). Boom operator. Helpful and friendly intern.

The Green Room is part of Katharsis Media's hybrid cast and crew training programs. This means that some small speaking roles and crew roles are played/filled by members in the acting and crew training programs offered by Katharsis Media. This allows student actors and crew members to have a rich training both in the classroom and on a live film set.


Major Characters require an audition as with any production.

Check back for casting information May 9-20, 2021. 

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