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Broadway Bound LIVE is looking for 18 contestants for Season 2. All contestants will receive 16 weeks of professional training through weekly private vocal lessons, group dance, and group acting lessons with industry professionals. During the semester, contestants will compete through 8 rounds of elimination to produce a musical theatre champion--and recipient of a $60,000 scholarship to AMDA College of the Performing Arts in New York City.

Broadway Bound LIVE is open to individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • between the ages of 18-28 as of February 5, 2023

  • are able to demonstrate financial need through ONE of the following:

    • FAFSA EFC score of 7500 or below (based off of 2020 taxes)

    • Qualification for SNAP/TANF benefits

    • 2021 Tax Return demonstrating income at or below 200% of the National Poverty Level

      • for a single individual, this means income at or below $27,180 for 2021

      • exceptions may be made on a case by case basis or due to significant change in income since 2021.

      • after casting is complete with all eligible applicants, we MAY accept applicants up to 300% of the National Poverty Level ($40,770) to fill additional slots if any remain.

  • are based in the US and are legally able to reside and work in the USA

  • have graduated high school or obtained their GED


Submissions are now open for original music and scripts for Season 2 of Broadway Bound LIVE.


We are looking for:



Songs for three or four performers

Ensemble songs appropriate for opening or closing numbers

One act plays for 8-12 actors (non-musical)

4 person full length musicals



Individual songs (25 selected):

$60 per song PLUS 3% of digital rental and purchase fees for the episode your song is featured in.


One Act plays (5 selected):

$150 PLUS 3% of digital rental and purchase fees for the episode your script is featured in.


Full length musical (1 selected):

$500 PLUS 10% of digital rental and purchase fees for the episode(s) your musical is featured in.


In addition to monetary compensation, artists will be invited to be interviewed on the show (in person or via zoom), artist bio and social media / website links published on the Broadway Bound LIVE website and physical programs (for the episode work is featured in), and receive IMDb credit. All musical numbers and scripts selected will be performed live on stage during the season, but will also be recorded and broadcast online and on Local NM Comcast 27 and Local NM Comcast 96 and then available for on-demand viewing through rental and digital download.


If you have any of the above media that you would like to be considered, please use this form to submit.


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