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Hear it First

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Get paid (enough) to do what you love. 

It happened again. 

You got that phone call from that desperate teacher to help with the upcoming school musical or film festival project. They need your help and you know it...but they don't have the budget to pay you for the hours needed to make a difference. 

You want to help and you know it is making a needed investment in the future of our industry, but you also need to pay your bills, feed your children--and maybe someday quit that side job. 

A living wage. Wouldn't that be nice?

That's where we come in. We partner with you and the school or community organization to supplement what they cannot so that you can do what you love--in the places of greatest need--and still make the bills. 

Interested? Contact us so we can put you on our list of Teacher-Artists to send out to local schools and organizations. 

Already have a request? Contact us so we can send the school/organization the necessary documents to proceed.

Why do we do this? 

First of all, because we want to invest in our artists! We believe in you and the art that you create. We want you to do more of it. We want you to spread it--to infect our community with your passion and creativity.


We know that you cannot do that while also working eight part-time jobs to make ends meet. We also know that the organizations reaching out to you cannot pay you more than they are offering. 


This incredible opportunity not only allows you to impact the next generation of artists, but it also ensures that schools and communities have access to the same resources regardless of the socio-economic statues of the population that they serve.

How do we afford this? 

Well, that comes from sponsors, grants, and productions. That's right--we are just the medium through which more important people and companies invest in you. We reach out to them and they provide the support. We also apply for grants to supplement this work. And--did you know that all of the proceeds from our productions go directly to supporting this and our other programs? That's right--so come watch a show. Settle in and know that the cost of your ticket goes to supporting you and the next generation of industry professionals.