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Filmmakers Co-Op

The co-op was created to help content creators build a sustainable way of life. So often, we find ourselves taking on multiple jobs and creating in our spare time. This often leaves us feeling unsatisfied, and our art does not get the focus it deserves. The co-op hopes to provide solutions to help focus and create pathways to sustainable living. Check out our co-op levels to learn more. 

Co-Op Levels & Benefits


Co-working Space

Katharsis Media is excited to offer co-working space. Do you need a dedicated workspace or studio space away from home? Our professional spaces offer:

  • ​Private Studio Space

  • Open floor space

  • Conference space 

  • Movie screening space

  • Studio lights

  • Fully functional green screen

  • Projector

  • Whiteboard

  • Dance mirrors/floors

  • Paint sink

  • Black-out windows

  • Party space

  • Unlimited access to co-working lobby​

  • $35/hour rental fee

    • OR join our Artist Co-op for a discount and additional benefits 

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