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5 Tips for Stage Performance

  1. Avoid shifting your weight around rapidly. This gives the appearance that you are unsteady or nervous. Unless you are playing a character with these traits, try to keep your feet planted and move with intent.

  2. If you’re not comfortable picking out people in the audience to look at while you’re performing, look out over the crowd to give the appearance that you are looking at the entire audience or someone in the back.

  3. Engage and connect with the audience by talking to them directly. Look for opportunities in your script that allow you to ask the audience questions or make comments about them. This can be done with ad lib lines or by using lines in your script that could be directed towards an audience member (Unless directed not to).

  4. Remember that the only one who knows what you’re supposed to do and say is yourself. If you mess up, play it off by appearing as though nothing went wrong and it was supposed to happen.

  5. Have fun! If you can manage to encourage yourself with the idea that, every time you step out on stage, it’s a learning experience and will only make you better, then you should be able to have fun doing what you love!

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