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My Personal Performance History

I began acting when I was 16 years old. My first exposure to acting was through a Theatre class I took in highschool. In this class, we had various projects including making our own 10 minute short film, performing parts of plays, and performing monologues. This was one of the first times I had done something that felt truly freeing and gratifying to me! I had many supportive friends who commended on my performance abilities. It was a very humbling and fulling experience!

The first time I stepped onto a stage, I got the role of playin Cinderella's Prince and The Wolf in my high school's first ever production of Into The Woods. It was also the first time we as a school got to compete with other schools for a chance to be featured in the Enchantment Awards.

The second time I stepped on stage was the next year in my high school's second musical production ever. In 2018, we decided to get rights for Shrek The Musical. I got the role of Farquaad and I still remember it as being the most fun I've ever had on stage. I received a nomination for Best Actor in the 2018 Endhantment Awards for this performance and got to compete with the other Best Actor Nominees in which I recive a weeks worth of dance and voice training.

I took a break from acting and went to college, but about halfway through I felt the desire to perform again. I took two acting classes from UNM Professor Katherine Clark. Kate has found a really awesome way to introduce a mixture of stage and film performance to entirely new students with outstanding efficacy. I learned a lot from her and I loved her classes! While I continued to take classes, I auditioned for various student films because they felt more accessible and less demanding than stage productions. This made it much more manageable for me to go to school and act on the side. I graduated from UNM with my Bachelors of Science in Biology August of 2022.

I've played lead roles in 4 UNM Student Capstone Projects, I've voice acted in a KUNM Radio Novela, and now I'm on Broadway Bound LIVE! Through the show I've received weeks of intensive and professional voice, dance, and acting lessons which have no doubt propelled my skills further than I could've ever hoped of doing on my own. I will continue to pursue perfromance opportunities and collaborations for the purposes of providing quality entertainment and enjoyment!

I hope you've enjoyed learning a bit more about my history as a perfromer! Thanks so much for reading!

Well Wishes,


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