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The Importance of Modeling in Performance

Updated: May 9, 2023

To model is to embody a vibration that emulates value and presentation. In the fashion industry designers work very hard on their collections so, of course, the presentation of their work is a very important aspect of the designers' work being received by the masses. Large populations of people assign narratives to a particular style or frequency of vibration. How an individual dresses whether we like it or not, has the potential to show how someone feels about themselves and how they interact with the rest of the world.

When I am booked model I take the following aspects into consideration, “Who is wearing this”? “How do they feel”? “What are they trying to say”? “How do they feel about themselves and their place in the world”? “What do they want”? “How do I relate to this character”? Now, a seasoned performer could take notice that these tools can be correlated to certain tools that are used when developing a character in a stage–film production of any kind. These are important questions that any seasoned performer should be asking themselves when presenting on stage. When we can apply our tools in an interdisciplinary way, we become more effective in our ability to navigate the entertainment industry.

Isaiah Romero-Cordova is a professional model, working actor–musician, and contestant finalist for Broadway Bound Live Season 2. He can be located on IMBd-isaiahromerocordova, instagram @the_isaiahromerocordova_, and TikTok @the_isaiaromerocordova.

Isaiah Romero-Cordova

23rd April 2023

Broadway Bound Live

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