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The Power of Music

Music has always held a special place in my heart and I feel that it has absolutely shaped my life. I have always loved singing and joined my school’s band program as soon as I was able. When I am not actively making music, you can often find me listening to some form of music. I’ve always appreciated a wide variety of music from classic rock and modern pop to small indie bands, to choral and classical music. In my late high school years, I discovered that I liked to dance. While this isn’t making music, for me it is a form of expression that so perfectly melds within the music. I love finding the musicality in my dancing.

I know I am not the only one who has felt the joy and transformative power that music brings to me. So many people find themselves in music. Today, I wanted to share another’s thoughts and feelings on the amazing ability that music has shaped themselves and others.

I spoke to the amazing Renato Estacio, professional opera singer based in Albuquerque, NM (see bio at the end of the blog) about his thoughts on the transformative power of music. One of the things Renato wanted to emphasize was the ability of music to help ground yourself and open up the chakras of the body. When speaking on this he was specifically referring to singing music. However, he also spoke about what music can do when just listening to it. Renato spoke about listening to music in the key of C major, or songs with a very strong C presence that can ground an entire room of people. He stated that the frequencies of the bright harmonics are what cause this. Renato also spoke to the spirituality of music and how musical frequencies can connect to the frequencies of your body.

Music means something different to each and every person. For Renato it’s grounding and spiritual, for me it’s a way to release and connect myself to the world around me. I hope that each person is able to experience how transformative music can truly be and allows themselves to revel in the experiences it can bring.

Renato is currently based out of Albuquerque, NM and is the recipient of several awards in the arts. Recently, Renato sang with the Los Alamos Light Opera as a soloist in their Broadway Show Revue, and also sang the roles of Simone and Marco in the opera Gianni Schicchi (Maestro Samuel Otero) in Amersfoort, Netherlands and Count Ceprano / Marullo in Rigoletto also in the Netherlands. In 2023, Renato makes his role debut of Leporello in Don Giovanni with Teatro Miela in Trieste, Italy and will return to Berlin, Germany in July 2023 to debut the lead role of Jupiter in Orphée aux Enfers by Offenbach at the International Opera Festival. Renato is currently a vocal coach and adjudicator for Broadway Bound Live Season 2.

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