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Tips for Performance Anxiety

  1. The performance will make you better! Even if everything goes wrong, and for some reason you feel like you failed, remember that you're only getting better because of the fact that you put the pressure on yourself and got on stage. Everyone messes up, even the professionals!

  2. Tell someone about it! It's okay to talk about being nervous for a performance. The fact that you feel nervous about it means that you're taking it seriously and that it matters to you! Everyone gets performance anxiety, even the professionals!!!

  3. Find your performance energy before you get on stage! Practice by imagining that you're already on stage with your audience! If you can, talk to your audience before the show to try and get to know them as this will make it easier to look at them while your performing! The more you can try to imagine that you're already on stage, the easier it will be to walk on stage for real!

  4. Wear comfortable clothes! Not only do comfortable clothes make us feel less restricted in our movements, they physically comfort us. In our effort to relieve as much pressure as we can, in any way we can, comfortable clothes help make us feel more relaxed and calm in the face of performance anxiety!

  5. Keep your voice hydrated! Anytime on stage, we have to project our voice so we can be heard throughout the theatre. We have to remember to take care of our voices so we don't strain them and make them difficult to use during our performance!

Thanks so much for reading!

Well Wishes,


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