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We're baaaack 😆

Hold your hats, folks–

Because WE’RE BACK with Season 2 of Broadway Bound LIVE!!

Yesssss, we’re excited!

And you should be too…

Because this year we’re pulling out all the stops for an even bigger and better musical theatre competition…

And with all the thrilling additions to this season, our mantra remains the same–

14 contestants. 1 winner. The chance of a lifetime.

Tune in every Wednesday at 7:30 PM MST to catch all the fun! With your participation, we can find and send the next Broadway Bound winner to New York City! 🎉 🎉

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find in Season 2 Episode 1:

  • The Backstory of How This Competition Came to Life

  • Appearance by J. Elaine Marcos

  • Dance Workshop with Deidre Michelle

  • A Peek Inside the Audition Masterclass with Elizabeth Gabel & Candice Neu

  • AND Your First Look at Our Season 2 Contestants TUNE IN WEDNESDAYS AT 7:30PM MST ON COMCAST 96! Or watch online at


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